Missouri Real Estate Agents – Upgrade to a Broker License

Missouri has long been a fantastic state for buying and selling real estate.  Did you know that Missouri offers more assistance programs for potential home owners than many other states in the country?  And that was even before the recently passed economic development initiative adding an additional 35 million dollars in various assistance programs for people looking to purchase a home in Missouri. This is terrific news for real estate agents in Missouri as the traffic generated by the state and federal incentives for home buyers creates the potential for earning greater commissions.  It is also excellent news if you are a real estate broker.  Not only will the renewed interest in home ownership create opportunities for agents to earn commissions, brokers will be earning commissions on their own deals, as well as the deals of every salesperson they broker.

Qualifying to obtain a Missouri real estate brokers license is quite simple. Generally you need to be at least 18 years old and have been a licensed real estate agent for at least 24 out of the last 30 months. If you meet these requirements, all you have to do is complete the 48 hour pre-licensing broker course and pass both the state and national broker exams. That means in a matter of weeks, you could increase your income significantly.

Missouri offers a few additional ways for people to qualify to take the brokers exam. For example, a licensed attorney with a real estate license does not need to complete the pre-licensing education. They need only pass both portions of the exam to become a licensed real estate broker. A licensed attorney without a real estate license will need to take the real estate salesperson exam and then take the broker exams. If only one of the exams is passed, they will get six months to successfully complete all exams. Certification of passed exams and a copy of the bar card will need to be submitted with the application for the broker license in order to have the educational and experience requirements waived.

If the potential examinee is a licensed real estate agent in another state, as long as they have been licensed for 24 out of 30 months, a complete license history certification may be used to qualify to take the broker exam. A copy of license will not be accepted. The required courses will need to be completed and a passing grade on both exams to apply for a broker license.

A broker that has been licensed in another state for at least 24 of the last 30 months will still have to complete the required coursework, however with a certified complete license history they will only need to take the state exam in order to apply for a Missouri broker license.

Whichever way the requirements are met, the application to become a licensed Missouri real estate broker must be submitted within six months of passing the broker exam or the pre-licensing requirements will need to me met once again.

Instead of earning commissions on just your own deals closing, you can drastically boost your income by getting your Missouri real estate broker license. With a minimal amount of time you can increase your commissions without increasing your own workload. Becoming a licensed broker in Missouri is the most logical career move for a successful real estate agent.

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