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When Will Housing Prices Drop Again?

Real Estate Express 2019-04-24

Housing market predictions come from a thorough and educated analysis of real estate trends. History usually repeats itself, so accurate predictions can often be made by analyzing patterns within the market. When the economy is doing well and the housing market is stable, the…

eco friendly home with solar panels

This Year Shows Once Again That “Green” is Good

Real Estate Express 2019-04-22

In design and home life, green continues to gain momentum, and it can be a lucrative niche for real estate agents. Beyond the benefits of making homes more sustainable and reducing our footprints on the world, new designs and increasing demand is making green…

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This Month’s “Bingeworthy” Real Estate News

Real Estate Express 2019-04-06

Keeping abreast of all the latest real estate news and media can be a full-time job in and of itself. That’s why twice a month we scour the internet for the most relevant content for real estate professionals. Here is the latest content roundup.…

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