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The Power Partners™ Affiliate Program
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You make the profits. You get the acclaim. The Partner Affiliate Program does all the work!

Earn 25% every time

With The Partner Affiliate Program you earn 25% on every commission. Watch in real time as students register on your site. Potential real estate students come to your site and sign up for classes. When they sign up, you earn a profit. There are no sliding scales. There are no factored payments. You'll earn 25% off every sale.*

100 days to convert a site visitor to a customer

The Partner Affiliate Program offers you one of the longest conversion periods in the industry. 100 days. Other affiliate programs give you have 30 days to convert a site visitor to a customer. We don't. We give you 100 days to convert. That's three months to convert a prospect into a buying customer.**

15 days to getting paid

The Partner Affiliate Program offers some of the fastest payments in the industry. 15 days after the end of each month we send your commission check.***

When you become part of the Partner Affiliate Program you'll get the money you earned, quickly. You'll also be able to:

  • See in real time all the money you are making,
  • Go to your private affiliate site and see all the new students you are gaining,
  • Get the data you want 24/7.**** It's protected and secure

Monitor and communicate with students who enroll from your site

The Partner Affiliate Program offers you several optional recruitment-enhancing features. You have the option to:

  • Set up a Training Tracker Dashboard so you can monitor and communicate with students who enroll from your site
  • Join the Red Carpet Broker Network. This allows graduates to come to you for employment opportunities.

Click here and apply now to join the Partner Affiliate Program

When commissions are paid

*Commissions are paid based on the final price the student pays for the course or product. The Partner Affiliate Program knows how to drive business to our sites.

Understanding conversions

**Conversions are tracked in two ways.

  • Website 'cookies.' This is technology that "sees" return visitors when they come back; AND
  • Special student codes unique to you, our affiliate

Sometimes a website visitor will disable their cookies and will not use the student code. This is rare. If for some reason the user disables cookies, and does not use the student code, we can't track the customer and you will not be able to earn a commission from that particular customer. Unfortunately, there are no retroactive claims for students or commission if we have been prevented from tracking the student through cookies and student codes.

***We can only issue commission checks if the total commission due is $50.00 or above. If the total commission due is less than $50.00, the commission will be a part of the subsequent months until the $50.00 threshold is met. The only exception is the first payment after signing the agreement. The first commission you earn will be paid regardless of the amount.

****Returns are allowed. Of course, if a student cancels an order, if the credit card charge is reversed, if the check bounces, or there was fraud and/or we refund money to a student, your account will be debited for any commission earned on that transaction. If an even trade is made, for example, one course for another, there will be no affect to your account or commission.

Any questions? Our customer service representatives are happy to help. Please call 866-739-7277.'s real estate pre-license courses are ARELLO-certified (Association of Real Estate License Law Officials.)

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