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real estate agent explaining homebuying process to clients

How To Manage Client Expectations

Real Estate Express 2019-08-19

Real estate transactions are similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Every transaction involves multiple parties, motives, challenges, and timelines. One of the main responsibilities of a real estate agent is to effectively organize all the competing interests of a transaction (or pieces of…

generation z professionals

Hiring Generation Z Agents for Your Brokerage

Real Estate Express 2019-07-31

Generation Z members of society (the generation following Millennials) represent the largest future group of real estate agents. As a broker, actively recruiting Generation Z agents can help expand the firm’s target audience while also replacing some of the older agents after they retire…

What Makes People Successful in Real Estate?

Shawn Clayton 2019-06-19

One of the components of building a successful career is called modeling. Modeling is patterning your behavior after someone who perhaps you admire and has built a career you would like to emulate. This is particularly valuable in real estate, where newer agents can…

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