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best real estate blogs

7 Best Real Estate Blogs for New Agents

Reading is always a great way to learn, and to that end, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best real estate blogs for agents to follow. Of course, reading doesn’t take the place of practical experience. But you might be surprised by just…

generate residual income

How to Get Income Through Real Estate

Creating passive or residual income is the ultimate investment dream for many, and it can be achieved via real estate. In fact, savvy investors have been using real estate as a way to create residual income for decades. What exactly is residual income? Simply…

real estate investors

Top 5 Tips for New Real Estate Investors

Real estate investors know that investing can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio, bring in additional cash flow, and set yourself up with tangible assets that are often considered a positive way to hedge against inflation. There are several logistics about real estate investing…

Time Management Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Time Management Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Let’s face it. Real estate can be a very busy, stressful profession. Agents often find themselves juggling multiple tasks on a regular basis. A typical business day fills up fast and may include: preparing marketing pieces, attending team morning meetings, having lunch with a…

How to Navigate Tricky Property Showings

How to Navigate Tricky Property Showings

If there is one thing that’s for certain in real estate, it’s that you should always plan for the unexpected—especially when it comes to property showings. Unpleasant surprises abound when it comes to entering another person’s home turf. But as a real estate professional,…

Best TED Talks for New Real Estate Agents

Best TED Talks for New Real Estate Agents

You’ve crammed, passed the real estate exam, and earned your real estate license—and that just might be the easy part. Being a real estate agent takes confidence, thick skin and resiliency. The following are five of the best TED Talks for new real estate…

How to land your first real estate listing

How to Land Your First Real Estate Listing

Getting started in real estate is no easy task, and many new real estate agents simply aren’t prepared for the hard work that goes into creating a successful career. Building a solid real estate business takes hard work and commitment, particularly when it comes…

Overcoming difficult real estate client relationships

Overcoming Difficult Real Estate Client Relationships

Emotions can run high during real estate transactions, and overcoming difficult real estate client relationships takes finesse. Do some of your clients drive you crazy? Do you find yourself dealing with increasingly impossible-to-please, nagging, negative, or arrogant clients who are frustrating to work with?…

buyer objections

Handling Typical Buyer Objections

Dealing with home buyers and buyer objections can be frustrating. Sometimes it seems like buyers are just looking around. When first encountering potential clients, they may seem defensive by not trusting real estate agents. Before engaging home buyers, try making friends with mortgage lenders,…

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