The White House on Zillow, Millennials, the Spite House, & More

the White House on ZillowIt’s Inauguration Day today, and the White House has new residents. Find out what Zillow has to say about its value. In addition to moving into new digs, the president has already suspended an FHA mortgage insurance cut. Other stories this week include why rising home values aren’t helping consumer confidence all that much and how millennials can pave the way for home ownership. Finally, we have a story on a house built out of “spite.” Enjoy this week’s round-up of the latest in real estate!

The White House is currently on Zillow

As of today, there are new occupants at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC. And there is also a new Zillow listing for the White House. Any guesses as to what the 55,000-square-foot building that houses the first family might be worth?

Trump already suspends Obama-era FHA mortgage insurance cut

The newly sworn-in president of the United States has already suspended a cut in mortgage insurance premiums announced by the Federal Housing Administration just a few days ago. Many housing analysts expected the cut to be challenged; find out how much of an impact they expect it to have on borrowers.

Rising home values aren’t enough to shake consumers’ memories of the financial crisis

Memories of the recent recession are still firmly entrenched in the minds of consumers, meaning even improving home values aren’t enough to see significant increases in retail spending. Find out what one expert predicts for the next 10 years.

3 tips that can help millennials become homeowners

Millennials are behind other generations in terms of jumping into home ownership, and interest rate hikes have decreased their mortgage capacity by nearly 10 percent. More of this generation than ever before still live at home with their parents well into their twenties—and even thirties. Here are some tips for millennials to improve their chances of buying into the American dream.

Soldier builds a 6-foot wide house to get revenge on his greedy brother

Unconfirmed stories swirl around the Skinny House, located in the north end of Boston, but most seem to agree that it was built out of spite. This three-story home measures just 30 feet by 6.2 feet on the inside, and the couple who live there have had their decorating challenges. Find out more from the Lighter Side of Real estate about this intriguing property.



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