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how to get real estate license back

How Do I Get My Expired Real Estate License Back?

Real Estate Express 2017-10-12

A real estate license is required to participate in most real estate transactions. Most states require real estate professionals to apply for licensure, demonstrate aptitude by passing a real estate exam, and show that they are of good character in order to earn a real estate…

Real Estate Vocabulary and Acronyms

Real Estate Vocabulary and Acronyms: A Pocket Guide

Real Estate Express 2015-12-03

Whether you’re a new real estate licensee or you’ve been in the business for decades, a handy guide to real estate vocabulary and real estate acronyms can never hurt. When it comes to real estate exam prep, it can be extremely helpful. Here’s our…

6 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Exam Prep Program

Real Estate Express 2015-10-27

Preparing for your real estate licensing exam starts with taking the required pre-licensing coursework as delegated by your state. Each state has different requirements, but all require some amount of coursework to be completed before you can sit your real estate exam. This coursework…

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