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How to Get Your Georgia Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2015-10-16

Looking to begin your real estate career? With a minimal investment of time and money, you can earn your Georgia real estate license and be ready to take on a new and promising career. To become a licensed real estate agent in the state…

How to Get Your Florida Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2015-10-12

Wouldn’t it be nice to be your own boss? A career in real estate offers both a flexible schedule and excellent job security. Put your career in your own hands by becoming a Florida real estate agent. In a matter of weeks, you can…

ONE License, MANY Careers

Real Estate Express 2012-01-23

Real estate is a growing industry, and getting a real estate license is one of the cheapest and fastest career training programs for the income. If becoming a typical real estate agent isn’t for you, here are some other great careers you can start…

Nevada Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Real Estate Express 2012-01-13

Fiserv and Moody’s Economy.com has reported that Nevada will be among the top five states expected to see price increases by 2014. What is good news for the Nevada real estate market is great news for the residents of the state, suffering one of…

Consider Career Opportunities In Real Estate

Real Estate Express 2011-03-15

In today’s economic climate, many people find themselves searching for a career that can provide some security. Many employers all across the country have been cutting back on staff and/or pay, leaving many people underemployed, or unemployed altogether. There are a growing number of…

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