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Ask a Broker: How Do You Keep Learning?

Real Estate Express 2018-11-02

Our research suggests that real estate professionals who continue to learn throughout their careers earn more. We know it can be difficult to carve out enough time to stay updated on emerging trends, but it’s essential to do in order to stay at the…

sell a haunted house

How to Sell a Property With a Creepy Past

Real Estate Express 2018-10-31

Trying to sell a haunted house? While a property with a spooky backstory might be a turnoff to some buyers, to others it could hold just the right intrigue to get them truly passionate about making a purchase. Sweeten the deal Whether you believe…

corporate real estate jobs

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Real Estate Jobs

Real Estate Express 2018-10-24

If you’re passionate about real estate but not interested in becoming a residential agent it could be helpful to look at corporate real estate jobs. When you work in corporate real estate you help companies — often large corporations — find property for their…

celebrity real estate agent

What it Takes to Be a Celebrity Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Express 2018-10-19

Editor’s note: As part of our ongoing contributor series, Amy Herman, from Nest Seekers International, shares with us a blog post about being a celebrity real estate agent and her expertise in helping celebrities with their real estate needs. Ever wondered what it takes…

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