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Changes for Washington Real Estate Licensees

Real Estate Express 2010-08-11

If you have been considering a career in Washington real estate, you know that there has never been a better time than right now to get a Washington real estate license. The housing market is beginning to stabilize and is showing some solid improvements…

Great News for Nevada Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Express 2010-07-18

If you are a broker with a Nevada real estate license in need of renewal in July or August, you can take advantage of a new online feature. The Nevada Office of Business and Industry announced early this week that Nevada real estate brokers…

The Easiest Career Change You Will Ever Make

Real Estate Express 2010-07-12

The job market is tough these days and many people are looking for a change in career that can offer them some security in a struggling economy. There are several certification and degree programs that are available to give people an edge in today’s…

Fantastic Opportunities in Real Estate Careers

Real Estate Express 2010-07-07

Although the recently released job numbers were disappointing to many experts, the numbers were up for another consecutive month. Analysts criticize that the temporary nature of the census jobs did not provide an accurate picture of improvement in the national job market. The United…

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