What Clients Want From Their Real Estate Agent

Real estate is a wealth generating industry. Almost every multi-millionaire in the country will say that a good portion of their fortune has been made in the real estate industry. Many will say that having a real estate license was instrumental in their financial success. They will also tell you that it takes much more than a real estate license alone to succeed in real estate. To achieve and maintain success in real estate through any economic situation requires knowing what the customer needs and how to get it for them. A real estate license can get you in the door, but the agent that gets the business will be the one with all the other attributes that the customer wants.

Customers want the agent that they choose to be knowledgeable. The real estate agents and brokers that will have the most business will be the ones whose name is synonymous with expert real estate advice. You will be expected to have the answers to all questions directly and indirectly related to a real estate purchase from how are the schools in the area to how many foreclosures were in the neighborhood in the last year. No matter the question, you should have the answers or know where to get them. When you are the person with the most knowledge of the real estate market, you will be the one that customers come looking for to meet their real estate needs.

Trustworthiness is among the most important of considerations when today’s customers are choosing a real estate agent. There is a lot of skepticism in real estate post housing crisis, and customers want someone that they can believe in. A real estate agent with a reputation of honesty and integrity will remain successful in any market climate. Repeat and referral business will be the cornerstone of your financial success.

Understanding your customers and their needs will go a long way toward building your reputation in the real estate community. Even the savviest of customers will need the guidance of a real estate professional, whether or not they know they need it. A skilled real estate agent will be able to guide their customers through the transaction with the least amount of stress and anxiety as possible. Remembering that the purchase of a home, or the sale of one, can be one of the most trying times in a person’s life is important to understanding your customer’s needs. Although it is a process that a successful agent goes through almost daily, you must remember that this is not the case for your customer. Holding their hand falls under the job description of a successful agent.

Once you have your real estate license you are a business owner and the business brand is you. The careful marketing of yourself as a brand is essential to your career in real estate. Knowing and providing the services that customers are looking for in a real estate professional is what will make you a success.

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    Sometimes people forget these basic important attributes that a real estate agent must have. Trustworthiness and integrity are the most important because you want your broker to act in your best interest not their own. I’d say knowledge is a close second and vital as well.

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