buyer objections

Handling Typical Buyer Objections

Dealing with home buyers and buyer objections can be frustrating. Sometimes it seems like buyers are just looking around. When first encountering potential clients, they may seem defensive by not trusting real estate agents. Before engaging home buyers, try making friends with mortgage lenders, as they can qualify buyers for you. When finding out they qualify, buyers will be grateful to you.

Experienced real estate agents have answers for all buyer objections. The following list of typical buyer objections offers you multiple replies, which can convert reluctant home buyers into clients.

1. “We’re just looking.”

Reply: I’m pleased to hear that. You should look at all your options before buying anything. Curiously, what type of home are you looking for? Continue reading

open house advertising

Tips for Effective Open House Advertising

Before reading the following tips for effective open house advertising, there are a few things you should consider. Some real estate agents believe open houses are unnecessary because they take up so much time. However, experienced agents know that while most homes do not sell because of open houses, they are a good source for buyer leads. Successful real estate agents either have lots of good listings and/or many qualified buyers.

Various brokers require their rookie agents conduct open houses on all new listings. They know it takes time. In the modern age of online information for all listed houses, buyers still like to attend open houses to see them. Attracting good home buyers as clients makes open houses worth it. Besides, sometimes a home sells because of an open house.

Here are several tips to make your open house advertising efforts more successful. Continue reading

successful open houses

How to Conduct Successful Open Houses

Open houses are more than just neighborhood snoop fests. They can become a dependable source for leads for other listings. Plus, you might actually find a buyer for the house! Some real estate agents do not like hosting open houses. However, remember that open houses provide opportunities to generate leads and find buyers. Follow these six tips for conducting successful open houses.

1. Select the best house

The best homes generating the most traffic for their open houses are typically the newest listings at a reasonable price in a good neighborhood and easily accessed from main streets.

Research days and hours other open houses happen in the neighborhood. If most occur every Sunday between 1:00pm and 3:00pm, consider hosting yours at 3:00pm to 5:00pm so you are not competing with them. At the end of the day, if buyers are still looking, being last may be an advantage. Continue reading

Ann Raschein: Getting Started in Real Estate

getting started in real estateWith the wide range of career paths available to real estate professionals, each agent has a different story to tell. In this series, we bring you the stories of successful individuals who’ve taken their real estate careers in various directions. We sat down with each of them to talk about how they got started in the industry and the twists and turns they’ve taken along the way. Keep reading to learn about Ann Raschein’s path to success and find out what insights and advice she has to offer new agents who are getting started in real estate.

Ann Raschein, sales associate at RE/MAX Preferred in Madison, Wisconsin, is a relative newcomer to the real estate business—she kicked off her career in 2014—and she’s still developing her niche, her image, and her areas of expertise. She says she has three key pieces of advice for the newcomer to the industry, or to those who are contemplating a career in real estate:

  • Don’t be in too big of a hurry to develop a niche. Learn all you can about the market you’re in, look for under-served neighborhoods or client types, and figure out how to fill the void.
  • Use past experiences in your previous career to develop knowledge and understanding of the real estate business, as well as personal connections.
  • Look for a brokerage that emphasizes training and mentoring, and makes its more experienced agents available to help new hires.

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real estate cold calling script

Real Estate Cold Calling Script that Works

Let’s face it. Making cold calls by phone can be intimidating. Some new real estate agents are shy about calling strangers on the phone. Others may be worried about receiving negative reactions. Whatever doubts you may have, just know that cold calling is a good source for picking up new listings. Here is a real estate cold calling script that works.

The script

Cold calling experts throughout the sales industry have shared their secrets in books, videos, sales training courses, forums, and blogs for years. Nearly all of them agree that the most important thing about cold calling is the script. Continue reading