This Week in Real Estate News: July 18, 2016

this-week-in-real-estate-news-july-18As the mercury soars outside, find yourself a nice cool spot indoors to catch up on real estate news this week. We selected articles that will keep you up-to-date and well informed, from how Pokémon Go and Brexit are impacting the market, to staging solutions, millennials on the move, and staying ahead of the daily grind.

How ‘Pokémon Go’ Could Help You Sell a House

As the saying goes, the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location. But what about a Pikachu? Or a Squirtle? Or a Weedle? Some Realtors across the nation are capitalizing on the Pokémon Go phenomenon for their listings, and you can read about it here. Continue reading

Best Real Estate Books for New Agents

Best Real Estate Books for New Agents Every agent—no matter at what stage in his or her career—should commit to lifelong learning. And when you’re just starting out, it’s wise to gain as much insight as you can from experts and top agents. While you will definitely need real-world experience, learning about the missteps and successes of others will build your knowledge—and increase your chances of success early in your career. These five best real estate books are a great place to start.

Your First Year in Real Estate: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional by Dirk Zeller

Fail in your first year in real estate, and you may be too discouraged to keep going. In this book, real estate expert Zeller shares with you the industry’s proven secrets and strategies that will allow you start off on the right foot and make the best choices from Day 1. Learn how to select the right company, avoid common mistakes, develop strong relationships, use social networking effectively, stay on top in today’s challenging market, and more. Continue reading

Selling New Construction Homes: What New Agents Need to Know

Selling New Construction HomesIn 2015, home sales were strong and property values continued to go up. With a shortage of resale inventory becoming problematic in many areas, new construction is looking stronger than ever. According to the National Association of Home Builders, single-family home starts are expected to rise 23% in 2016. New construction can offer a great opportunity to find the perfect home for your buyers, but purchasing from a builder is a lot different from buying resale homes. What should you, as a newbie to the real estate business, know about selling new construction homes?

Know exactly why buyers need you

When it comes to purchasing new construction, there is a common misconception among buyers that the process is pretty straightforward: walk into the builder’s office, pick a lot and a design, and sign on the dotted line. What many potential buyers don’t consider is that the friendly and helpful salesperson working for the builder at a new-home site is representing the builder—and is there only to look after the builder’s best interests. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to know that buyers who are not represented by their own agent are taking a big risk with what is probably their biggest investment. Continue reading

Sources for Mining Real Estate Leads

Sources for Mining Real Estate LeadsWhat does your real estate marketing strategy look like? If you are an agent engaged in passive marketing campaigns, placing your picture on bus stop benches, or buying leads, rethink this strategy. Qualified real estate leads don’t come from buying lists or sending out volumes of cold emails. The better method is to take the time mining your own network and nurturing your contacts to find qualified leads. The time you will take to build relationships in order to generate leads will be worth it.

Are listing system subscriptions and “old school” advertising methods worth it?

Subscribing to listing systems accessing specific zip codes means spending hundreds of dollars per month. Add up your “qualified” leads and figure out what the cost per lead actually was. Let’s say you spent $2,100 in the past year and you ended up with three listings. That amounts to $700 per lead. Did you sell all three? What were your ultimate commissions? Was it worth it? Continue reading

Ren and Susan Snyder: A Double-Threat Real Estate Team

Ren and Susan Snyder: A Double-Threat Real Estate TeamWith the wide range of career paths available to real estate professionals, each agent has a different story to tell. In this series, we bring you the stories of successful individuals who’ve taken their real estate careers in various directions. We sat down with each of them to talk about how they got started in the industry and the twists and turns they’ve taken along the way. Keep reading to learn about real estate team Ren and Susan Snyder’s path to success and find out what insights and advice they have to offer new agents.

Ren and Susan Snyder have been in business in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area for more than 20 years. If they have a specialty under the broad umbrella of residential real estate, it’s relocation. The Snyders are especially known for working with incoming and outgoing University of Michigan faculty (residential turnover in a university town is always high), and for their connections to various local service providers. The Snyder Group is part of the Charles Reinhart Co., a well-known name in Ann Arbor. Continue reading