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4 Social Media Tactics for Real Estate Lead Generation

Many agents turn to social media for real estate lead generation—and for good reason. More than 2.03 billion people in the world use social media, and a good bit of their purchasing decisions are being driven by what they see and learn there. But successfully connecting with potential real estate clients via social media can be challenging. Although the real estate industry boasts the highest frequency of posts per week, it experienced the lowest level of engagement, according to HubSpot’s 2015 Social Media Benchmarks Report.

Bottom line: You’re trying to connect with clients, but they just aren’t very receptive. Make your efforts worth it by following these tips from people who have successfully used social media as a tool for real estate lead generation. Continue reading

best apps for real estate agents

Best Apps for Real Estate Agents

When you’re first starting out in real estate, time is money. With a smartphone and a few well-selected apps, you can conquer your tasks and do more with the time you have. Apps will help you become more productive, more informed, and an all-around better real estate agent. They can give you the power to run your business anytime, anywhere. In short, they will help you take your real estate career to the next level. Here are some of the best apps for real estate agents.


One of the biggest problems you face as an agent is managing all those online requests to view properties. “Agents, such as myself, struggle to keep up with the demand of these requests and often lose potential clients,” says Rina Camhi. That’s why she created 10MinRealty, an on-demand home showing mobile app that connects homebuyers and real estate agents instantly. You can schedule meetings with potential clients quickly and efficiently—before they lose interest or move on to another agent. Continue reading

real estate jobs and their salaries

30 Real Estate Jobs and Their Salaries

Today there are more than 5 million people working in various parts of the real estate industry in the United States. The real estate industry has many wide-ranging jobs associated with it, both directly and indirectly. Many real estate jobs require licensing—such as a real estate licensecontinuing education, or other certifications or degrees. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of real estate jobs available today, as well as the typical real estate salary associated with each.

Types of real estate careers available

Real estate careers can be associated with the financial side of the industry by way of mortgage brokerage, loan processing, underwriting, credit analysis, foreclosure management, loan funding, and investment. There are also a number of important and high-paying jobs available on the title insurance, appraisal, escrow, property management, and legal sides of the business, in addition to residential and commercial brokerage sales. Continue reading

business tips for new real estate agents

7 Business Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Starting your own real estate business requires a lot of hard work and commitment. How can you avoid the pitfalls that leave so many small businesses languishing after a few years? Start by developing and harnessing  your real estate business skills. To help you out, we’ve outlined seven business tips for new real estate agents.

1. Know how to manage your money

First, you need to have good money management skills—particularly in your first year after earning your real estate license, when sales may be slow. Consider the money you need to finance your real estate business as well as the money you need to live, and try to keep a healthy balance. Carefully track your earnings and spending, and remember to put some money aside for income taxes. Continue reading