Top Real Estate Agent Expenses

Each year real estate agents spend an average of $5,000 out of pocket on expenses.

Each year real estate agents spend an average of $5,000 out of pocket on expenses.

When thinking about becoming a real estate agent, two huge benefits often come to mind: independence and potential income. But these don’t come without a price. Nearly every expense related to your business will need to be paid out of pocket.

According to, an agent spends about $5,000 out of pocket each year.  And of course, the cost can vary greatly from agent to agent. Below is a list of the most common real estate agent expenses you’ll incur. Continue reading

Understanding Commissions for Real Estate Agents

commissions for real estate agents

Commission-based real estate transactions have been the norm in real estate for decades.

If you’re looking at starting a career in real estate, one question that is bound to cross your mind is just how commissions for real estate agents work. Though the commission-based real estate transactions have been the norm in real estate for decades, there continue to be misconceptions surrounding this system of compensation. Read on for an explanation of the most common components of real estate commission. Continue reading

Writing Real Estate Listing Copy that Sells

real estate listing copy

Writing compelling real estate listing copy entails more than just a list of features.

Looking beyond your professional photos, writing strong real estate listing copy can make a world of difference in how many views your real estate listing receives. It can drive interest into action and showings into closed sales.

To be appealing, your real estate listing copy needs to include specific search terms people use while researching homes. Keywords like “open concept” or “stainless steel appliances” rank high when it comes to selling features. “Closet space” and “hardwood floors” are also attractive features. But where do you start if you’re listing an older home? How can you properly sell a neighborhood? And what approach do you take if your real estate listing has been on the market for an extensive amount of time?

It’s important to understand that every listing you write as a real estate agent is going to be unique. It entails more than just selling features. To find success with real estate marketing, consider the following thoughts:

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Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents 

tax tips for real estate

Are you in-the-know on tax breaks for real estate agents?

Since real estate agents are often self-employed, there are many business expenses that can be considered for tax deductions. According to the IRS, real estate agents can deduct any business expense that is both ordinary and necessary to make a profit.

Some IRS approved deductions include:

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