Questions Sellers Ask Before Hiring A New Real Estate Agent

questions for new real estate agents

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Home sellers often endure a process fraught with questions centered on everything from how to list the home to ways to prep it for potential buyers. However, the questions start with choosing a real estate agent. Before a seller hires you as a new real estate agent, chances are they will have some questions about everything from your educational background to your experience. They may even quiz you about personal philosophies and why you selected this profession.

“Many sellers today are vetting their real estate agents and some are interviewing up to four before they make their final selection,” said Travis Gray, Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Annapolis, Maryland. “Along with the most common questions regarding the agent’s experience and statistics, a consumer should ask if the agent is full-time or part-time, what their marketing plan is, how the agent will keep them informed about their transaction and how frequently.” Continue reading

Can Real Estate Education Help Produce Better-Quality Agents?

real estate educationAn article published last week by our sister school, McKissock, highlights the use of real estate education to counter effects of marginal players in the real estate profession.

The article discusses the DANGER report, recently released by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). The DANGER report highlights that buying and selling agents list “marginal” players as the greatest professional danger they face. “The real estate industry,” the report says, “is saddled with a large number of part-time, untrained, unethical, and/or incompetent agents. This knowledge gap threatens the credibility of the industry.”

The article goes on to talk about common mistakes and shortcomings of the real estate profession, how to set and maintain standards and how real estate education plays an important role.

Read the full article here.

Will a Felony Conviction Prevent me From a Real Estate License?

Earning a real estate license is a fantastic way to embark on a new career path with unlimited income potential. And taking online real estate courses can be more convenient than any other college course or job certification program. Many real estate schools offer classes online, which means you can complete your real estate training from anywhere. For people who are looking for a new start with a new career, real estate is an excellent option; but what about those who need a new start from a less than perfect past? For someone that has had a felony conviction or other questionable action in their background, the answer is that you can get a new start if you want to make the change.

start a real estate career

No matter what state you want to start your new real estate career in, one of the most important traits looked for in a potential real estate licensee will be good character. You will be asked to disclose any actions that may have been deemed unprofessional or illegal, with or without conviction. Disclosing this information does not necessarily disqualify you for licensure. On the other hand, a failure to disclose information about any such behavior, with or without any conviction, will most likely lead to a denial of license. Continue reading

What Do Real Estate Agents Do All Day?

Multitasking Real Estate AgentSo, just what do real estate agents do all day? Before you can understand what real estate agents do all day, you must first remove the word “typical” from your vocabulary. There is no typical day in real estate. Whether you’re showing property and quickly have to duck away to move a kitty litter box out of sight, are negotiating a contract via Skype with international buyers or are helping first-time homebuyers learn more about ways to increase their FICO scores – every day brings new challenges, new tasks and new people. Continue reading