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Aaron C., Texas

I especially liked the bookmark feature that allows you to start at the exact place you left off.

Brenda K., Texas

I easily passed my state exam on the first try.

Lewis C., Georgia

Easy to use and very comprehensive!

The Exam Prep Master was an excellent choice as it helped me pass the state exam on the first attempt. I went through the 4-hour state exam within one hour and 45 minutes. The prep was very close in the type of questions that were in the licensing exam. I would recommend the Prep Master again.

Stephen C., Texas

Bonnie R., Texas

I loved that the site was streamlined and very easy to use. The courses were laid out step by step and it was definitely "express"! I finished the courses quicker than expected. The Exam Prep Master program was one of my favorite tools. I know I passed because of that!

Katherine B., Texas

I like the accessibility, ease of use and ability to extend coursework.

Matt D., Michigan

I liked that it was convenient and easy to sign into.