How to Get Your Real Estate License in Minnesota

Do you want to become a real estate agent and get Minnesota Real Estate License? Real Estate Express taught thousands of aspiring real estate agents in Minnesota, we make it easy for you to get up to speed on the Minnesota real estate license requirements.

Learn what's required for your Real Estate License in Minnesota

This real estate licensing information summarizes the minimum requirements established by the Minnesota Department of Commerce. We recommend you contact the Minnesota Department of Commerce for more detailed information or changes.

If you obtain real estate licenses in multiple states, we recommend you check each state's requirements.

Minnesota Real Estate: Salesperson

  1. 1. Comply with the General Minnesota Real Estate License Requirements:
    • Be at least 18 years of age.
  2. 2. Complete 90 hours in courses - Enroll Today
    • Meet the Educational Real Estate License Requirements in Minnesota by completing 90 hours of real estate pre-license education, including three 30-hour approved courses (Course I, II, III)
    • Course I must be completed prior to taking your real estate salesperson exam; Course II and Course III may be completed either before or after the exam, but must be completed prior to applying for your Minnesota real estate license.
  3. 3. Take the Minnesota real estate license exam
    • Pass the Minnesota real estate salesperson licensing exam before you apply for your license.
    • Prior to registering for your exam, be sure to successfully complete Course I of your pre-license education.
  4. 4. Find a sponsoring broker
    • You can't become a licensed real estate salesperson in Minnesota without first being associated with an actively licensed real estate broker.
  5. 5. File your Minnesota real estate license application:
    • The real estate broker you are associated with must submit your application for a Minnesota real estate license. Once the application is approved by the Commerce Department your broker will be able to print out your license.
  6. 6. Know the cost of a Minnesota real estate license
    • $65.00 to take the licensing examination
    • $130.00 for the licensing fee

Online Limitations

Students cannot receive credit for studying more than 8 hours per day, therefore, the proctored final exam for each 30-hour course will not be accessible until the 4th day after starting the course.

The application for your salesperson's license must be submitted within one year of passing the examination. Otherwise, you will need to retake the examination and pass it again.


Roster Required: yes
Roster Process: Completion certificates are not activated until the student has passed the proctored course final exam and the Exam Proctor Affidavit has been received by the school.

Rosters are submitted electronically twice per month (on or around the 1st and 15th of the month) through PulsePortal for students who have passed the proctored course final exam and returned the Exam Proctor Affidavit within the previous 15 days.
Roster Sent: Every 15 days

Governing Agency

Name: Minnesota Department of Commerce
Phone: 6515391599
Fax: 6515390112
Address: 85 7th Place East, Suite 500 St. Paul, MN 55101

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Note: This license renewal information is provided as a convenience only and is subject to change at any time. It's ultimately the responsibility of the licensee to be sure that he or she is meeting all requirements for each license and corresponding renewal period.