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Don't make the same mistake other rookies do! Just getting your license isn't enough. Successful agents today have their personal brand, a field of specialization, and numerous websites in place in order to reach their connected customers. The Career Launcher package gives you these most important five key ingredients you need in one, low-priced package.

Everything You Need to Set Yourself Apart & Gain New Customers, Now!

When you order the Career Launcher Package your days of anonymity and low commissions are over - because this package includes everything that Million Dollar Salespersons use for success today, in one low-priced kit. Here's what you get and how it works:

Two Customizable Websites
The #1 tool today in the age of the Internet-savvy real estate customer is having a professional, easy to update, Customizable Real Estate Agent Website. No successful real estate agents today leave this critical ingredient to their broker, or someone else. You are the brand! We evaluated over a dozen website-builder engines for real estate professionals and found that is by far the best. Normally, you'd pay $99 to get started but with the Career Launcher Package you can keep that $99 because set-up is FREE! If you've done any research at all you know that hosting fees for a quality real estate website can be very expensive but not with - monthly hosting starts as low as $29.99! With your website you'll have the ability to play full-screen slide shows, integrate with Social Media, create instant market reports, view neighborhood information and get data regarding recently sold homes, and choose from the classiest designs in the industry.

The #2 tool that you must have is an Individual Property Listing Website. Smart real estate agents discovered recently that Google and other search engines will "rank" these sites high, and customers will find them - often more easily than your Broker or Agent site! The normal price for an individual property listing website is $50 but it is included with your Career Launcher package. You'll use the Individual Property Listing Website as bait to reel those prospects in! offers a fantastic product that allows you to quickly and easily create Individual Property websites that will quickly produce interest in your listed properties.

When you order's Career Launcher Package, you will see a new green link on your Personal Homepage that says: Setup Your Career Launcher Websites. From there, you will be given a short form to fill out that will "Create Your Account" with the site building team and prompt them to begin the process of building your websites. That's right, they will actually pre-build the framework for both your custom websites, and contact you in one business day! From there, you can change templates, modify the designs, and customize your sites to your heart's content.

Your Field of Specialization Designation

In order to win prospects today, you must be able to say "I am a real estate specialist in something." But you don't have to wait years for such a Designation, because after taking a short 3-hour course online at, you will be certified as a specialist in one of three respected areas:


C.F.S. - Certified Financing Specialist® Real Estate Professionals with the C.F.S. designation have completed extra studies in the field of real estate financing, have successfully passed the specialist exam in this field of specialization, and are recognized for their expertise in the latest trends in home and property financing.


C.P.S. - Certified Property Management Specialist® Real Estate Professionals with the C.P.S. designation have completed extra studies in the field of property management, have successfully passed the specialist exam in this field of specialization, and are recognized for their expertise in comprehensive, efficient property management systems.


C.S.S. - Certified Seniors Specialist® Real Estate Professionals with the C.S.S. designation have completed extra studies in the science of serving customers in the age 55+ demographic, have successfully passed the specialist exam in this field of specialization, and are recognized for their expertise in serving this rapidly growing market segment.


C.T.S. - Certified Technology Specialist® Real Estate Professionals with the C.T.S. designation have completed extra studies in the field of current and emerging technologies, have successfully passed the specialist exam in this field of specialization, and are recognized for their expertise in leveraging technology in real estate brokerage.

When you order your Career Launcher Package from you will be asked which of the three Designations above you prefer. This Designation will be then included in your package, and will appear on your Personal Homepage under "Designation Courses."

Complete the fast and easy 3-hour course and you will immediately receive: 1. A letter from the Dean congratulating you on your successful completion of the field of specialization designation curriculum; 2. A certification diploma from the American School of Real Estate suitable for framing; 3. Rights to use your official Designation abbreviation behind your name on all business cards, letterhead, and professional correspondence.

"Especially in this economy, being a "Senior Specialist" gives me an advantage over my competition, and it really DOES bring me new clients!"

Kathleen Simon - Salesperson Since 1987

Two Cutting-Edge Books

Top Ten Real Estate Tech Tools - shows you how to use technology in the age of Zillow, Trulia, and the Internet-savvy real estate customer, to do better than 99% of other agents. An easy to read "User's Manual", this e-book will show you how to get up and running with such important tools as the iPad and tablets, Smartphones, blogging, Social Media and much more.

"A must for both new real estate professionals, and seasoned veterans like me. I transformed my business by doing what this book recommended, and I now make more money with less time simply using my iPad, blog, and Zillow. Amazing. Highly recommended!"
- Maria E., Real Estate Salesperson

Quick Start Guide for New Real Estate Professionals - shows you both what to do, and what not to do, to gain customers and commissions fast, regardless of market conditions. Yes, you can have success in real estate today, despite market conditions, housing doldrums, or economic downturns. The real estate industry has changed, it is true, but by following the guidelines in this e-book, licensed salespersons and brokers in this market are making more money, and having more fun, than their predecessors could have ever dreamed a few years ago!

"It took me almost a full ten months to learn the secrets of success in real estate that this book reveals in ten chapters. A must for every new real estate professional, regardless of your experience or background."
- Richard L., Real Estate Broker

When you order the Career Launcher Package, you'll get these two books from your Personal Homepage, where green links appear saying:

  • Download e-book Quickstart Guide
  • Download e-book Top Ten Tech Tools

Take Control Of Your Success Today With Our Career Launcher Package!

As "America's Favorite Real Estate School", we've heard past students describe their biggest challenges after graduating - and most say that they were unprepared for today's sophisticated customer, who uses the Internet like never before.

In the age of Internet-savvy real estate buyers the only successful real estate professionals are those who have figured out that they must maximize their personal brand online. Buyers today are using Google, Zillow and Trulia much more than any MLS, and those who have personal websites, as agents, and property websites for their listings, win the competitive race online.

Many of our former students have spent over $2500 dollars getting these five key elements ramped up. Most professional website builders cost $600-1000 or more just to start. Consultants who guide new salespersons in the start-up phase charge $1200/day.

But now you can get all five (5) for only $149!

Priced elsewhere and individually, you'd spend thousands. Purchased here one by one, you'd still spend $266. But as a current student, for only $149 , you get all five quintessential tools to help you become the most well-known real estate agent in your market.

Don’t make the mistake new agents usually do! In today’s marketplace, you can’t rely on your Broker or Franchise to build YOUR brand and market! Take control of your career and future today!

With your Career Launcher Package You Get

  • The ability to have your own agent and listing websites. This allows you to build YOUR brand while also leveraging some of the hottest cutting edge technology!
  • Acquire one of our specialization designations and set yourself apart from other agents in your market! You can now earn more while positioning yourself as the go to expert!
  • Tap into the power of new media by learning how to use powerful tools such as Trulia, Zillow and other web based resources! Now you can build your brand online while leveraging some of the most heavily trafficked real estate marketplaces on the Internet!

Today’s real estate customers are connected and smart.

They are looking for an agent to represent them who’s the same or better!

With our Career Launcher package, you will be!

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