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Texas Real Estate Finance - 30 hours

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This course provides 30 hours of approved real estate courses for all new potential licensees in the state of Texas to take before sitting for the licensing exam. If you applied for your license on or before January 1, 2006, you may also take this course as your Salesperson Apprentice Education (SAE) for first renewal. This is a fast-paced pre-license course that includes the required subjects such as: monetary systems, primary and secondary money markets, sources of mortgage loans, federal government programs, loan applications, processes and procedures, closing costs, alternative financial instruments, equal credit opportunity acts, community reinvestment act, and state housing agency.

Real Estate Finance - 30 Hrs: Fast Track Special

1. Real Estate Finance - 30 Hrs $149
2. Fearless Math $25
3. 400-page E-book: Principles of Real Estate Practice $25

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Technical Requirements
Unlike other schools, only RealEstateExpress.com provides your course 100% Internet-delivered. That means you need no special programs; no downloads, no players, drivers or loaders to access your course anywhere in the world! In short, in order to be able to take the Texas Pre-License course, you only need a computer with Internet access! You do not need any special programs or applications to take this or any course at RealEstateExpress.com. If you can point and click a mouse, and use a keyboard, you're more than qualified, and ready to go.

Since 1997, tens of thousands of real estate salespersons, broker, and pre-licensees from coast to coast have used this system without a hitch, and with rave reviews. See what others from Texas are saying here . And this same system has been used successfully in over 1500 corporations worldwide, to create and deliver specialized training in a variety of other fields. As long as you can connect with this site, you should have everything you need for an easy, enjoyable learning experience.

RealEstateExpress.com is available 24/7, from any location with Internet access, so you have complete freedom and flexibility to take the Texas Pre-License course whenever your schedule allows it, or your heart desires it.

There are two final exams available. If you fail the first exam, there is a seven (7) day mandated waiting period. If you do not complete the make-up exam within a 90-day time period, we must report you to the TREC as having been dropped from the course. If you fail both exams, the TREC requires that you retake the course.

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Approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission

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