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Are you ready for the increased income and recognition that comes to those who hold a Real Estate Broker’s License in Florida? This exciting, all-new Florida Real Estate Broker course covers all the necessary topics for the Florida Broker’s license, including: Broker responsibilities, office operations, requirements, regulations, financing, management and more. Knowing that many Florida real estate salespersons have been away from the classroom for some time, the course also is punctuated with key elements from the Florida Pre License course as reminders, so that when you sit for your Broker Licensing Exam, you won’t be caught off guard.

Florida Broker Course

1. Florida Broker Course - 72 Hours $604
2. 400-page E-book: Principles of Real Estate Practice $25
Retail Price = $629
* According to FL law, in order to qualify for the FL Broker's license, you must take this course plus show 2 years experience or more.

Technical Requirements

Unlike other schools, only RealEstateExpress.com provides your course 100% Internet-delivered. That means you need no special programs; no downloads, no players, drivers or loaders to access your course anywhere in the world! In short, in order to be able to take the Florida Broker course, you only need a computer with Internet access! You do not need any special programs or applications to take this or any course at RealEstateExpress.com. If you can point and click a mouse, and use a keyboard, you're more than qualified, and ready to go.

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RealEstateExpress.com is available 24/7, from any location with Internet access, so you have complete freedom and flexibility to take the Florida Broker License course whenever your schedule allows it, or your heart desires it.

You must have 24-months active experience as a licensed sales agent to apply for your broker license.

72-Hour Florida Broker Course

Unit Description Hours
1 Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Broker 3.5
2 Opening a Real Estate Office 3.5
3 Owning, Managing and Supervising a Real Estate Office 4.0
4 Escrow Management 3.5
5 Office Inspections, Disciplinary Process and Real Estate Recovery Fund 1.5
6 Overview of Real Estate Valuation 5.5
7 Sales Comparison, Cost-Depreciation, and Income Approaches 2.0
8 CMA’s 1.0
9 Business Valuation 1.5
10 Agency Relationship and Disclosure Requirements 2.0
11 Contracts 7.0
12 Financing in Real Estate 5.5
13 Closing Real Estate Transactions 3.0
14 Federal Income Tax Laws 2.5
15 Investment in Real Estate 1.5
16 Zoning and Planning, Subdividing of Land and Special Issues 6.0
17 Environmental Issues Affecting Real Estate Transactions 2.0
18 Property Management 6.5
19 Course and Text Review & Practice Exams 7.0
100 Question Course Final 3.0
Total: 72

FREC Permit #1002149 - course approval #00010859

Do you have a money back guarantee if I should fail the State Exam?
We do not. Florida Statutes 475.451 & 475.4511 and the rules in Chapter 61J2-17.013 of the Florida Real Estate Commission specifically state that this would be unlawful. Here are those rules:

475.451 Schools teaching real estate practice.
(3) It is unlawful for any person, school, or institution to offer the courses described in subsection (1) or to conduct classes in such courses, regardless of the number of pupils, whether by correspondence or otherwise, without first procuring a permit, or to guarantee that its pupils will pass any examinations required for licensure, or to represent that the issuance of a permit is any recommendation or endorsement of the person, school, or institution to which it is issued or of any course of instruction given thereunder.
(4) Any person who violates this section commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

475.4511 Advertising by real estate schools.
(1) No person representing a real estate school offering and teaching real estate courses under this chapter shall make, cause to be made, or approve any statement, representation, or act, oral, written, or visual, in connection with the operation of the school, its affiliations with individuals or entities of courses offered, or any endorsement of such, if such person knows or believes, or reasonably should know or believe, the statement, representation, or act to be false, inaccurate, misleading, or exaggerated.
(2) A school shall not use advertising of any nature which is false, inaccurate, misleading, or exaggerated. Publicity and advertising of a real estate school, or of its representative, shall be based upon relevant facts and supported by evidence establishing their truth.
(3) No representative of any school or institution coming within the provisions of this chapter shall promise or guarantee employment or placement of any student or prospective student using information, training, or skill purported to be provided, or otherwise enhanced, by a course or school as an inducement to enroll in the school, unless such person offers the student or prospective student a bona fide contract of employment agreeing to employ the student or prospective student.

61J2-17.013 Interpretation of Particular Phrases.
Whenever used, the phrases set forth shall be construed as follows:
(1) “To guarantee that its pupils will pass any examinations given by the department” as prohibited by Section 475.451(3), Florida Statutes, and shall be construed to include, but without limitation, any representation, agreement, promise or understanding whereby a person enrolled in any school or course is to receive any refund of money or other thing of value if such person should fail the examination offered by the Division.
(2) “Each person, school, or institution” used in Section 475.451(1), Florida Statutes, is construed to include only one address or location; and a person, school or institution, offering or conducting a course at more than one address or location, must obtain a permit for each address or location.

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