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Joe B., Colorado

I like that I can study on my own time.

Ron H., Kentucky

Passed the Florida licensing exam on the first try!

Mark C., Pennsylvania

I like that I can work on the course at home.

Customer Service was great when I needed to extend my course timeline. They quickly got me back up and running to continue and complete the course.

Paul H., Florida

Tracy C., Missouri

I took the test in 2003 and passed on the first try. This time around I had a much more stressful situation heading into taking the test and failed the first try but came home, re-opened my course and had no problem passing a week later.

Shadi B., Michigan

The online availability is great: anytime, anywhere.

Donna Whinnery, North Carolina

I love that with the test after each chapter, if you get a question wrong, it tells where in the chapter to reference.