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Christy D., Florida

Real Estate Express allowed me to study at my own pace. It was very user friendly, which was important to me. My husband signed up for a different online course that was difficult to use and even had incorrect answers! He has recently signed up for Real Estate Express and loves it!

Jangmi H., California

Good interface made it easier to learn the material.

Ian B., Washington

There was a mix-up with who the student was. The customer service rep cleared it up in a five minute conversation.

The Exam Prep Master was my favorite tool. I know I passed my exam the first time because of that alone! I love the wealth of practice questions given. It made me feel certain that I could pass. I was not nervous during my test because of this tool!

Bonnie R., Texas

Joseph A., Missouri

I like that it's easy to follow, has a simple interface, and I could work at my own pace. I paid half what I would have locally and finished the course at my leisure.

Crystal H., Texas

Customer Service has always been fantastic

Joe F., Kansas

I passed my state exam on the first try. The course requires a minimum of 90% on the course final to complete the course. That is an excellent requirement and a direct contributor to passing the state exam on the first try.