Real Estate Agent Salary in Georgia

What You Could Earn As a Georgia Real Estate Agent

If you want to get a sense of how much money you can make as a Georgia real estate agent, it is a good idea to understand the average real estate agent salary in Georgia.

In order to figure out the average Georgia real estate agent’s salary, you need to look at the following factors or variables:

  • the number of years you’ve been a real estate agent
  • your niche or specialization (i.e. commercial real estate, residential real estate, luxury real estate, tiny houses, etc.)
  • the amount of competition in your area
  • the number of hours you work per week
  • your commission split agreement with your sponsoring broker

So, how much does the typical real estate agent in Georgia earn? Well, it depends.

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However, there are some trends that emerge when you look at the data. In general:

  • The longer you stay in the real estate business, the more money you stand to earn year over year.
  • Some niches or specializations are more profitable than others with luxury residential real estate usually coming out on top.
  • The more hours per week you work, the more money you can expect to make over time.
  • Commission percentage splits can vary from 60/40 to 70/30 and everywhere in between.

Just like every business, there are factors that influence yearly income that you can't control, such as local and national economic trends. However, while the real estate business can be somewhat volatile as a result of these trends, there’s also no cap on how much you can earn.

To demonstrate how much a Georgia real estate agent's salary can vary, we've outlined average Georgia real estate agent salary based on specialization or niche and location.

Niche or Specialization

commercial real estate buildings

There are many different types or categories of Georgia real estate that you could specialize in —residential real estate, commercial real estate, luxury real estate, eco-friendly real estate, the list goes on and on. Due to the small size of some of these niches (such as luxury real estate and eco-friendly real estate), it’s hard to get representative salary information. However, for the bigger niches like residential and commercial real estate, there is enough publicly-reported salary information to get an accurate idea of the average income within those niches.

Specialization Avg. Salary
Residential real estate in Georgia $80,674
Commercial real estate in Georgia $84,630

Source: (Updated December 2019)

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real estate location

Just like the weather, real estate is local. Where you live can have a big impact on what you earn as a Georgia real estate agent. Typically, urban or suburban areas are comprised of more expensive homes, which means higher commissions for agents in those areas. The table below shows recent real estate agent salary data for some of the major cities in Georgia.


Location Average Salary
Georgia (State Average) $80,674
Atlanta $80,538
Columbus $62,672
Gainesville $93,046
Roswell $75,066
Savannah $66,876

Source: (Updated December 2019)

Note: The information in these tables is taken from and other salary comparison sites. The average salaries listed are not a guarantee of how much money you will make as a real estate agent in that area. We recommend you conduct more research in order to get a more nuanced estimation of the amount of money you can expect to make as a real estate agent based on your work experience, skills, and education level.

How much can you expect to earn as a Georgia real estate agent?

In general, once you've established yourself as a full-time Georgia real estate agent, you can expect to earn somewhere between $62,000 and $93,000 per year, depending on your location and niche. While this isn't a guarantee, it's also not a restriction. When it comes to how much you can earn as a Georgia real estate agent, the sky’s the limit.

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