2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide

Real estate agent salary insights and trends to help you earn more in your career

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Whether you're just starting in real estate or a seasoned pro, this guide has something for you. We surveyed over 1,000 real estate professionals to better understand how they go about their business and what it means to their bottom line.


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Want to earn more?

Compared to NAR's 2016 Member Profile, our students report earning 80% more. What are they doing? Where do they focus their efforts? Find out in the guide.

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Happy agents earn more

8 out of 10 agents report being satisfied with their career—and it pays off. Why are real estate professionals happy? Download the guide to find out. 

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Expertise that pays

Top earners excel in four key areas, and they have the income to prove it. Inside this guide you'll find what opportunities to focus on in your first years of real estate that can have a big payoff later on.

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