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Launching a career in real estate is a big decision made easier with the right education partner. Real Estate Express is the leading online school for aspiring California real estate agents and brokers. Over 35,000 people in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, and across the state chose Real Estate Express for their pre-license education. Not only that, we lead in California real estate license education online in the U.S. with more than 200,000 real estate agents and brokers getting their start at

California real estate course ratings

Real Estate Express online courses get high marks from students. California Real Estate License courses have received over 3696 reviews for an average rating of 4.17 out of 5.

We have moved our courses to a new and improved platform that will allow for a seamless experience across all devices.

45-Hour California Real-Estate Principles Course
Real Estate Math Handbook
Principles of Real Estate Practice E-book
45-Hour California Real-Estate Practice Course
45-Hour California Real Estate Finance Course
Exam Prep Master
"Licensed To Soar" Career e-Book
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*45-Hour California Real-Estate Principles Course - bound study guide
*45-Hour California Real-Estate Practices Course - bound study guide
*45-Hour California Real-Estate Finance Course bound study guide
*Course hours still MUST be completed online. You do not have to wait for the mailed copies to start your online course.
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California Real Estate Principles Course - 45 Hours


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California Real Estate Practice Course - 45 Hours


You Pay $99

California Real Estate Finance Course - 45 Hours


You Pay $99

Licensed to Soar, Career Book - $25

Don't become one of the statistical casualties of the real estate industry! Yes, you can be highly successful in real estate, and you can earn incredible income in this field - today more than ever before. Use the techniques and tools revealed in this book, and you will rise above the crowd and build a high-income real-estate career... that will last.
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Best real estate knowledge + best online learning

What's our formula for your success? We match top experts in California real estate with leading designers of online learning courses. The result is intensive, yet easy to digest, real estate learning units that give you the knowledge base you need to launch a successful real estate career.

California real estate licensing key facts

  • Customers give our real estate courses an average 4.17 rating out of 5
  • We've taught more than 200,000 students nationwide
  • Our courses are ARELLO-certified
  • We offer a range of packages to ensure you pass your California real estate exam and get a strong start to your real estate career

Fulfill all of your real estate education requirements online

Our California real estate license course fulfills the state's requirements for 135 hours of education. This course has been designated and certified as a 135-hour course by the California Real Estate Commission.

California real estate license online

Why learning online is so effective

Unlike classrooms, online courses put you in complete control. Need to stop, go back, and read again for mastery? No problem. Want to dig in deeper and search online to learn more on a topic that interests you? That's easy, too, when you are learning from your computer and not having to listen closely to a classroom instructor. Break for a meeting, an errand, or a family commitment? That's your call. You decide your pace, your time, your location.

When learning can flex around a student's needs, it infinitely increases their ability to absorb and retain the information.

California real estate license student

High quality learning meets unmatched flexibility

  • Top-rated by students
  • Tens of thousands of successful graduates
  • Learn at your own pace: fast, slow or somewhere in between
  • You decide where and when you learn
  • Incredibly easy interface — natural and intuitive progression within learning units

Why Real Estate Express is superior to other providers

Expert leadership towards earning your California real estate license

Expert leadership

Our California real estate pre-license class is taught by Rich Linkemer, DREI. Rich is well known throughout the real estate industry for his instruction that includes Code of Ethics Orientation, Code of Ethics Quadrennial Training, Professional Standards Administrator Training, and Professional Standards Procedures. Rich's knowledge of how to successfully navigate a real estate licensing exam has helped thousands of individuals get licensed in the state of California.

Attention from your California real estate license instructor

True dialogue

There's nothing more important than having the ability to get extra attention from an instructor should you end up confused or feel behind. Sadly enough, true dialogue between instructors and students isn't always found in online courses, but Real Estate Express is different.

California real estate course materials

A wealth of resource materials

Studying for a California real estate license exam means having the right resources at your disposal, which isn't always a possibility when you're going into the process without a little help. Real Estate Express provides students with over 400 pages of additional resource materials for free, all of which is available online at your convenience.

California real estate practice quizzes

Effective practice quizzes

A lot of people don't realize that there's more to taking a real estate licensing exam than just having a thorough base of knowledge. One of the most difficult aspects of the exam is the test-taking process itself, which is why it's essential to practice ahead of time. Real Estate Express provides over 40 practice quizzes, ensuring that you're ready for when the big day finally comes around.

What to expect when taking your California real estate license test

What to expect - California real estate license

The California real estate licensing courses from provide you with everything you need to learn about national and California real estate rules, regulations and best practices. You will be able to start and stop the program any time you wish, and return to where you left off.

While we recommend that you plan to work for 50 minutes at a time, many students report that they can go faster and cover more material, because of the effectiveness of our online training system.

At the end of each course section, you will be required to take and pass the quizzes with a score of at least 80% in order to move on to the next learning unit. But don't worry. Our system is nearly foolproof. And if you don't score at least 80%, we give you another test and the tools you need to pass it.

California real estate license summary

Summary: how it works

  • Once you start your course, you can stop and re-start where you left off
  • In order to move on to the next learning unit within the course, you will need to pass the test at the end of each unit with a minimum score of 80%. You may review the material in the unit and take a new test as often as you need
  • In order to obtain a real estate license in California you must complete a total of 135 hours of course work.
  • Every potential licensee must take California Real Estate Principles (45 hours) as the foundation course, the California Real Estate Practice (45 hours) as the real-world application course, followed by a 45-hour elective course such as California Real Estate Finance (45 hours) to complete theminimum required 135 hours.

Important Final Exam Information

Per California law, students are required to enter their driver's license number before being granted access to the course final exam.
If you do not enter this information you will not be able to access your final and complete your course.

Any questions? Our customer service representatives are happy to help. Please call 866-739-7277.

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