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This is the second of two mandatory courses the BRE requires all potential licensees to take. Among subjects discussed in this course the major topics of California Law, Agency Issues, Contracts and Closings, Financing, Taxation, Leasing and other practical topics geared toward the successful practice of real estate in the state of California. Other lessons include those on license applications, qualifications, types of licenses, escrow accounts and regulations, advertising, environmental concerns, disclosures, disciplinary actions, and real estate practices specific to California.

Like all courses here at “America’s Favorite Real Estate School, California Real Estate Practice takes advantage of a number of different learning tools and interactive features all designed to make getting your California real estate license faster and easier than ever before, so you’ll have the best chance of passing your exam the first time. Some of these include:

Your Licensing Checklist – a comprehensive step-by-step guide that allows you to track all the ingredients necessary to take you from ground zero to the day you receive your license.
Field Trips – Links to other sites of interest that illustrate a concept within your coursework.
Official State Forms - Direct access to all required state forms and instructions.
Ask the Expert – A library of questions and answers from students and instructors, as well as your online resource to ask your own questions of the experts.

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Since 1997, tens of thousands of real estate salespersons, broker, and pre-licensees from coast to coast have used this system without a hitch, and with rave reviews. And this same system has been used successfully in over 1500 corporations worldwide, to create and deliver specialized training in a variety of other fields. So you can feel confident that the system has been tested and proven to be fast, secure, and extremely user-friendly. As long as you can connect with this site, you should have everything you need for an easy, enjoyable learning experience. is available 24/7, from any location with Internet access, so you have complete freedom and flexibility to take the California Real Estate Practice course whenever your schedule allows it, or your heart desires it.

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