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Missouri Real Estate Practices Course

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You Must Complete This Course Before Applying For A Sales Person's License

The MREC mandates that all new licensees must take and pass the New 48 hour Pre-License Course, and the 24-hour Missouri Real Estate Practices course before being allowed to apply for a real estate license. This is the same amount of course hours that existed previously with the Pre-License course being 60 hours, and the Post-License course that was 12 hours.  The only difference now is that these courses must be completed before you can become licensed to practice real estate.  Instead of some of the courses being taken before licensing, and some after licensing the courses must be completed before becoming licensed. But the good news is, you don't have to sit through 24 hours of classroom lecture in order to fulfill the MREC requirements!

Take all 24 hours of your Missouri Real Estate Practices course online, whenever and wherever you prefer, right here at RealEstateExpress.com.


This new Missouri Real Estate Practice course will cover the many topics under the umbrella of Missouri real estate law. Subjects discussed in this course range from the Missouri Broker Disclosure form, listing agreements, residential real estate contracts, and brokerage agreements. Other lessons include those on finance, government and non-government loans, and various broker relationships. This course contains 19 user-friendly units plus a review:

  1. Who Should Take This Course and Course Objectives
  2. Listing a Property - Types and Elements of Seller Agency Agreements
  3. Buyer's Exclusive Limited Agency Employment Contract
  4. Introduction to Transaction Brokerage
  5. Objectives-Obligations to Consumers After Termination of Agreements - Compensation - Escrow Accounts
  6. Obligations of Agents to Clients and Customers
  7. Pricing Property - How to Create a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA)
  8. Role of the Appraiser
  9. Finance - Objectives
  10. Finance - Qualifying Buyers - Objectives
  11. Miscellaneous Essential Issues & Closing Issues Between the Buyer and Seller - Objectives
  12. Residential Sales Contract
  13. Decision Making, Risk, and Misrepresentation
  14. Misrepresentation - Loss Control Strategies
  15. Misrepresentation in Agency Relationships
  16. Fair Housing and Misrepresentation
  17. Antitrust and Misrepresentation
  18. Types of Construction and Construction Terms
  19. Construction - Calculate the Square Footage - Inaccurate Property Descriptions - Recommending Auxiliary Materials and Service Providers

RealEstateExpress.com was one of the first schools to offer the entire 24-hour MREP course online, so you can complete your MREC requirements from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, whenever you have time. Simply click on any Register Now link on this page, and you'll get the MO scholarship for a low price of only $99, and be on your way!

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