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Licensed to Soar

How To Rise Above The Crowd To Build A
High-Income Real Estate Career That Lasts


Geoffrey Thompson
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“Finally, a real estate career e-book that tells it like it is. To any real estate professional who doesn’t want to be mired in the mediocre I say, whatever you do, get your hands on this e-book, now!”
Anne I., Real Estate Broker

“Without a doubt, the single most important e-book in my professional library – because it works. A must for every agent starting out.”
Kathy M., Real Estate Salesperson

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Don’t become one of the statistical casualties of the real estate industry! Yes, you can be highly successful in real estate, and you can earn incredible income in this field- today more than ever before- with one caveat. Whatever you do, do not follow the methodologies of the majority of other salespeople, and do not believe the self-serving propaganda of the majority of other Brokers. Carve your own, individual path, with the techniques and tools revealed in this e-book, and you will rise above the crowd and build a high income real estate career… that will last.

What this short e-book is designed to do is simple and straightforward: Help you to avoid the traps and trouble that so often beset new agents, and, put the tools into your hands today that will help ensure a long-term, profitable business tomorrow and for years to come. Far too many licensees enter the exciting field of real estate with lots of ideas, hopes, and expectations, only to find themselves a year later disillusioned and deflated-- because they were advised on a “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach that did little to serve their needs, but did much to increase the income of others. Sadly, statistics show that, after the first year, there are more new licensees who leave the industry with only their clipboards and blazers than those who stay and succeed. Licensed to Soar is determined to help you not only be one of the latter, but become one of those who soars high above the rest.

To succeed in the real estate industry, as you mark your career path, it is imperative that you understand and wholeheartedly reject a “bigger-and-broader-is-better” mentality and embrace a strategic market plan that is uniquely and effectively your own.

Licensed to Soar is designed to help you reject the tired and traditional mass marketing techniques that are still so prevalent in real estate, and instead, to encourage you to embrace a new, more highly effective strategic market plan that is:

  • Focused, rather than broad;
  • Personal, rather than team-oriented;
  • Exclusive, rather than inclusive;
  • So specifically “you” for a precisely differentiated market that no one will ever mistake you for the other guys in the blazers.

Chapters include:

  • Why Brands, Blazers, And Business Cards Aren’t Enough
  • Your Formula For Success
  • Differentiating Yourself From The Rest
  • Finding Your Unique Market
  • The Best Tools To Build Your Business…Fast
  • Business-Acceleration Secret #1
  • Business-Acceleration Secret #2
  • Business-Acceleration Secret #3
  • Advanced E-Marketing

© 2004 by Geoffrey William Thompson
Published by Appallaso Publishing
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

© 2016 American School of Real Estate Express, LLC.

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