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Be Fully Prepared for your North Carolina Real Estate Exam with Real Estate Exam Prep Master*

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real estate examWhat’s the Difference Between Passing and Failing your North Carolina
Real Estate Exam the First Time?

Thousands of salesperson and broker candidates each year tell us it usually isn’t the difference between knowing or not knowing the information. It’s the difference between knowing and not knowing how to pass the North Carolina real estate license exam. North Carolina Real Estate Exam Prep Master is designed specifically, and solely, to do just that. To train and prepare you to be at your peak performance so that no question, answer, math calculation, state law, or just the stress of the procedure will surprise you come exam day.

Let’s face it, most of what is taught in North Carolina prelicense classes, courses, and training is designed to help you know what you need to know to be a qualified licensed real estate professional. What they do not teach is how to take, and pass, the licensing exam!

But with your access to North Carolina Exam Prep Master from, you have a ticket to first-time exam success, with a widely acclaimed, proven real estate licensing exam prep practice system.North Carolina Real Estate Exam Prep Master offers practice exams that prepare you to take and pass your North Carolina real estate exam once you have completed your state mandated education. If you have not completed your North Carolina pre-license course yet, visit the How to Get a Real Estate License page.
In addition,
North Carolina Real Estate License Exam Prep Master Gives You:

  • The “© Peak Performance” A Real Estate Exam Practice System that automatically sets your training pace and ramps up the difficulty-level of the Practice Exams you take over time – a critical element of your preparation unique to North Carolina Real Estate Exam Prep Master.

  • Exam Master Format Option - that gives you control over the form and format of your North Carolina practice exams, and opens up the powerful, “Coach’s Commentaries” option that customers from coast to coast tell us was the key to their success. (Read Testimonies). Choose from Coach Format, Pace Format, or Power Format whenever you choose.
  • Optional “©Training Calendar” - that allows you to automatically schedule your ideal Real Estate Practice Exam target dates based on your unique Licensing Exam date. By turning on “©Training Calendar” either when you first register, or later on your Profile page, your North Carolina Real Estate Exam Prep Master “DayMinder” then keeps track of the calendar for you, and sets your practice schedule accordingly.

    Only $69
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Plus, New for 2015:

  • All New and Updated Questions - All of our content, including all new state-specific questions are regularly updated to reflect the most current law changes. Our “Coach’s Commentary©” explanations and answers are written by us, with the latest state law and reg changes that seem to trip up so many on exam day. This means you get the most current reflection of what you need to know to pass the real estate license exam the first time.
  • New! Exclusive a State-Only Practice Exam!
    Included with your North Carolina Real Estate License Exam Prep Master is an exclusive state-only practice exam, with 120 of what we call the “killer questions” unique to your state. These exams were expressly designed to sharpen your skills in the areas and subjects unique to North Carolina. While all Real Estate License Exam Prep practice exams contain a high percentage of North Carolina specific questions, the State-Only exam allows you to fine-tune your comfort level in this critically important area. This program is especially designed for those seeking their initial real estate license and includes state and national questions. It is not designed for those seeking reciprocal or mutual recognition licenses.

Today’s Real Estate Licensing Exams are Brutal.
Because of the complex nature of licensing exams today, and the charge most testing providers have to make the exams as current and as difficult as possible, real estate knowledge, by itself, just won’t cut it anymore. The fact is, the odds are against you if you only go in on exam day having taking the state mandated prelicense course. Research shows that on a nationwide basis, more than 50% of all candidates for licensure do not pass the exam the first time. And in many large states, that failure rate is even higher.


Whether you are taking your Real Estate License Exam 2 days from now or 2 months from now, North Carolina Exam Prep Master from can guarantee that you will be prepared to pass! Real Estate License Exam Prep Master was developed by the oldest and most experienced Online Real Estate License School in the United States. We’ve helped prepare thousands of people to pass their state real estate license exam and have one of the highest first-time pass rates in the Real Estate Education Industry.

Here's What You'll Get With Real Estate Exam Master:

  • 12 real estate practice exams that mirror what you’ll see on test day... with your North Carolina state-specific and national real estate content;
  • 2 “Final Exams”, to help hone your skills in sitting for the North Carolina real estate exam;
  • 1 North Carolina State-Specific exam, updated to reflect the most current law changes, to sharpen your focus in this all-important area;
  • Over 1000 Coaches Commentaries©, your own private “Coach” explaining why answers are correct or incorrect for easier recall;
  • Exclusive 100 Question Real Estate Math exam – with explanations on how to work every problem;
  • Powerful 100 Question Definitions exam – covering the most important exam terms;
  • Easy to search Real Estate Dictionary with over 750 terms, Real Estate and Finance phrases and definitions;
  • Live personal online help and technical support;
  • Easy payment with your Credit Card or pay with a personal Check online!

    Only $69
real estate exam

Common Questions: Read More FAQ's Here

Q. Will all the Exams and content relate to what I will face on my state’s licensing exam?
Yes. All of License Exam Master ’s material has been written to reflect what you will need to know when you take the state licensing exam, in both the National and the State portions. All of our content, including the practice exam questions, explanations and feedback about every answer, are designed to prepare you to pass the test the first time, and are borne out of over 20 years of certified classroom and online experience teaching students of all ages to pass their exam the first time.

Q. Is there a way for me to practice taking the “state”questions only?
Yes. Real Estate Exam Master's exclusive State-Only practice exam questions, updated to reflect the most current law changes, are expressly designed to sharpen your skills when facing those tricky state law, rules and regulations questions unique to your state only. While all practice exams have state-specific questions in the mix, the State-Only exam allows you to focus exclusively on this all-important area, with no National questions included.

*In compliance with state laws for both Florida and Tennessee, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the states of Florida or Tennessee.

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