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Don’t be another Florida Real Estate Exam statistic! Did you know that the Florida real estate exam is known as one of the toughest real estate exams in the country? Or that statistics show that if you and 99 other people take the Florida real estate exam on any given day, less than 30 of you will pass? How can you make sure that you are one of the fortunate 3 out of 10 who don’t have to go back to the drawing board, and take the Florida real estate exam again and again? It’s simple really:

If you know what to expect on the exam in advance,
you will have ZERO surprises on exam day.
And you WILL pass!*

How would you like to wake up on exam day for your Florida Real Estate Exam, knowing that you completely prepared to pass the test? How would you like to enter the Florida real estate exam cube with 100% confidence that neither the content, nor the format of the Florida real estate exam is going to throw you?

We’ve heard from thousands of real estate salesperson and broker candidates over the years and one common theme always resounds:

“It was the exam practice that gave me the edge."

“Best $69 I’ve Invested in my Career! ”
"I passed the first time! The instructor (in the live class) had such antiquated info that I would never have passed it without your help! Thank you!"

Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master is the pre-Exam practice system that you need. Regardless of the difficulty level of any individual question, or the stress level of the process, the goal is that you will only take the Florida Real Estate Exam once…because that’s all you’ll need to pass! Only Real Estate Express’ Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master gives you an Exam Practice system that automatically ratchets up the difficulty-level of the Practice Exams you take from day to day, ensuring that you are at your top performance level right before exam day. If you follow Real Estate Express’ Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master formula, and finish with the two Final Exams just a few days before your test-date, you will be prepared to pass the first time.

To pass your test the first time, it’s not how much you know about real estate,
but how well you’ve been trained to take the real estate exam.

Only 69.00
real estate exam

Don’t let anyone kid you. The secret to passing your Florida real estate exam the first time is not having the most real estate knowledge under your belt, but having the right information under your belt on test day. Most real estate licensing schools, courses and textbooks are good at filling your head with information - most of it good information. Sometimes, that’s enough. But realistically, when you get into the examination room, no one is going to be asking you for information. The exams can be difficult, tedious and sometimes just plain tricky. What’s needed more than general knowledge, is exam-taking wisdom. Period.

Unfortunately, there are few schools or textbooks that give you exam practice with the latest content delivered to you in increasingly difficult layers allowing you to be able to take and pass the real estate license exam the first time.

More importantly, neither can give you enough real-world practice taking the current Florida real estate exam. What’s more, often these courses and books deliver you so much data that will not appear on your Florida real estate exam, you enter the exam overflowing with knowledge, but short on wisdom. Research reveals that candidates who fail the test the first time, are usually those who do not lack knowledge, but those who lacked sufficient prep, practice and experience in taking the Florida real estate exam - or completing it on time.

The 3 Factors in First Time Success on the Florida Real Estate Exam
There are 3 factors that combine to ensure first-time victory on your Florida real estate exam:

  1. Understanding concepts you WILL be tested on,
  2. Understanding concepts you will NOT be tested on, and
  3. Preparing by rehearsing with enough practice exams, so that on test day nothing they throw at you will be new to you, or a surprise.

Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master provides you with all 3 factors in advance, serving in a sense as your personal Exam Coach. Our singular goal is preparing you to pass the state exam the first time!

Pass Your Florida Real Estate Exam the First Time.
Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master has years of experience in real estate testing and exam preparation. With Florida content updated to reflect the most current law changes, it’s no wonder Exam Prep Master has quickly become one of the most popular Florida real estate license practice systems in the state.

But that’s not all. Because you’ll be able to rehearse all the most important math problems; run through the latest Florida-specific questions, complete exams mirroring the language and format that you’ll see on the Florida real estate exam, you’ll have no surprises on exam day! Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master fully prepares you to only have to take your real estate license exam once…because you will feel as if you have seen it, and practiced it all before.

Why You Will Succeed with Florida Real Estate Exam Master
You will know you are using one of the best Exam-Prep systems in the industry from the first time you log on. All of our content, including over 900 original questions, answers and commentaries, and all of our tools such as our Training Calendar, “DayMinder” and “Peak Performance” system are all designed to help you pass the test the first time.

Only $69.00
real estate exam

We are confident of your success because we know, if you follow our system and plan, you will not fail. Your Exam Prep Master team was

  • a pioneer in the US to provide Internet based training to the real estate community in a number of states across the country;
  • one of the first to have our delivery systems and courses approved by ARELLO;
  • since 1997, we have consistently recorded among the highest first time pass rates in the industry.

All of Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Master’s content is regularly updated with the most recent laws, rules and regulations - so that you will have everything that you need to know in advance of when you take the state test.

It’s all right here at Exam Prep Master.

Don’t be one of the 70% who fail their Florida Real Estate Licensing Exam the first time.

*In compliance with the state of Florida law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are not offered nor applicable in Florida.

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