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Exam Prep Master - Pass or Don't Pay*

Most of our students successfully pass their real estate exam the first time. But, if you don't pass it the first time then you can take advantage of the Real Estate Express money-back guarantee.
This guarantee assures that you will either pass your real estate license exam or you will get your money back. Not credits, extra time, or more practice exams. If you don't pass the salesperson exam the first time, we send you your money back. Period.

How pass or don't pay works

  • Take all of the practice exams available to you on Exam Prep Master
  • Complete them with a passing grade of 80%
  • Re-take exams as many times as you need to get a passing grade
  • Sit for your state's salesperson licensing exam within 30 days after completing the practice exams AND
  • If for some reason you do NOT pass your state salesperson licensing exam, simply send us a copy of your state's failure notice within 30 days and we will send you 100% of your original purchase price, no questions asked.*

First time success

Over 200,000 people across the United States including California, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Georgia have successfully studied and passed their real estate license exam with Real Estate Express. Beginning your real estate career depends on whether or not you pass the exam. Real Estate Express offers a real estate license exam prep course so you pass your real estate exam the first time.

Real estate success story - Jeno Berta

Greetings, this is Jeno Berta. I signed up for this test prep service and it was totally worth the money! I received a waiver for my state so I did not have to do the pre-license school. Truth be told, I started studying way too late. Now I do not recommend this for anyone, but this worked for me, here's my story:

I was signed up to take my test today, a Thursday morning. I signed up for this service on the Friday morning before the test. I studied a bunch, yet still had to work at my full-time job so it was not a full-time study effort. Still, I felt like Real Estate Express got me to where I needed to be to pass.

So what happened today? 85% on my national and 81% on my state. I passed them both. Thanks Real Estate Express! This service, in my opinion, is totally worth the money. If you want to pass your exam(s) then pull out your credit card and sign up...and do it TODAY! Don't wait around like I did...:)

Best regards,

Jeno Berta
February 2015

Start a new real estate career with confidence

Any questions? Our customer service representatives are happy to help. Please call 866-739-7277.

*In compliance with the state of Florida law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the state of Florida.

*In compliance with the state of Tennessee law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the state of Tennessee.

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