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“Can you believe it? I passed my real estate exam the first time! Even with English as my second language. The practice exams completely prepared me for test day. Thanks ExamPrepMaster! I couldn’t have done it without you."

Marcella - Ventura, California
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Our Real Estate License Exam Prep is the Best Tool to Ensure You Pass the First Time!

Passing your real estate license exam lays the foundation for your real estate career. Real Estate Express is the number one real estate license exam prep for aspiring real estate agents and brokers. Over 200,000 people across the United States including California, Missouri, Texas, Florida, and Georgia have successfully passed their real estate license exam.

How did they pass their real estate license exam? They took the real estate license exam prep course.

Why you need to take a real estate license exam prep course

You must know exactly what to expect in advance, so you will have ZERO surprises on exam day. Should you study the course material for the real estate license exam? Absolutely. You must also know how to navigate through the real estate license exam to pass it.

The secret to passing your real estate license exam the first time is not having the most real estate knowledge in your head, but having the right information in your head on test day.

What the real estate license exam prep course does

The real estate license exam prep course fully prepares you to take the real estate exam. We do this by providing you with quizzes, a specific state-only practice exam, and the powerful Coach's Commentary© corner.

The Real Estate Express license exam prep course gives you the tools to take control of the study schedule while remaining on target and on pace. Our tools include:

The peak performance
  • Automatically sets your training pace and ramps up the difficulty level of the practice exams you take over time
  • Build Your Foundational Knowledge with Practice Exam
  • Sharpen Your Wisdom and Test-Taking Abilities with Practice Exams
  • Refine Your Skills with the Definitions, Math, and State-Specific Practice Exams
Exam master format option

Everyone learns differently. That's why Real Estate Express built three unique ways for you to take your practice exams.

  • Coach Format - questions are delivered one at a time and the answers are graded instantaneously. The Coaches' Commentary follows each answer.
  • Pace Format - ideal if you've already gone through the practice exams or if you have sufficient mastery of the subject. Perfect for those who wish to improve their examination taking speed and confidence levels.
  • Power Format - designed to replicate the exam taking experience. Only grading results are displayed once the exam is finished. Coaches Commentaries and instant grading are not available with the Power Format.
Optional "©Training Calendar"

Minimize the time. Maximize the result. Busy professionals will benefit from our Training Calendar.

  • Setting Your DayMinder - estimate the date you plan on sitting for the real estate license exam. The DayMinder will let you know how many days you have until your exam. This helps you set the pace and keep on track.
  • Calculate Your Ideal Schedule - automatically schedules and displays the ideal practice exam target dates based on your real estate license exam date.
  • Time Your Final Practice Exams - set aside time for two final major dress-rehearsals or run-throughs three days before and one day before your actual exam

Real estate license exam prep cost

The real estate license exam course costs $69. You will have access to the program for 150 days and you may begin using it immediately upon the completion of your registration. To register for your course, visit the real estate exam license master page. Registration is a fast and easy two-step process.

The money-back guarantee - real estate license exam prep

Real Estate Express offers you a money-back guarantee.* Our real estate license exam prep course is designed with you to pass your real estate license exam. It's simple. You Pass or Don't Pay.

The money-back guarantee works like this.

  • Take all of the practice exams available to you on Exam Prep Master
  • Complete them with a passing grade of 80%
  • You can re-take exams as many times as you need to get a passing grade
  • Sit for your state's salesperson licensing exam within 30 days after completing our practice exams
  • If for some reason you do NOT pass your state salesperson licensing exam, simply send us a copy of your state's failure notice within 30 days and we will send you 100% of your original purchase price, no questions asked.

Want to learn more about Pass or Don't Pay? Visit the Pass or Don't Pay page.

The key to passing your real estate exam the first time

The key to first-time victory on your real estate exam boils down to this:

  • Understanding what you WILL be tested on
  • Understanding what you will NOT be tested on
  • Preparing sufficiently and repeatedly with enough practice exams, so that on test day there will be NOTHING you haven't seen or experienced before!

Real estate exam prep - a solid record

Real Estate Express has a strong track record of training and testing real estate agents and brokers.

  • First in the US to offer online-only real estate training and testing to individual states
  • One of the first to have our online systems and courses ARELLO approved**
  • Since 1997, consistently reported the highest first time pass rates over all other providers by state real estate boards

All of our content, including over 900 original questions, answers and commentaries, and all of our tools such as our Training Calendar and "Countdown" Peak Performance system, and more, are all designed for one thing: to help you successfully pass the real estate license exam the first time.

All of the exam prep master material is new, and updated to reflect the most current law changes, derived from your state's most recent laws, rules and regulations - and reflects everything that you will face when you take the real estate license test all borne out of over 20 years of certified classroom and online experience teaching students of all ages to pass their real estate exam the first time.

Any questions? Our customer service representatives are happy to help. Please call 866-739-7277.

* In compliance with the state of Florida law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the state of Florida. In compliance with the state of Tennessee law, guarantees as to the passing of the real estate exam are neither offered nor applicable in the state of Tennessee.
**'s Texas Real Estate Pre License course is IDECC-CERTIFIED.

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