Urgent Notice Regarding Georgia Pre-Licensing Course

The course will expire on Dec. 15, 2022

In an effort to provide more relevant content for students, we will be phasing out the current Georgia 75-Hour Pre-License Course as of Dec. 15, 2022. At that time, we will replace the course with an updated version.

For current course enrollees, you must complete the course on or before Dec. 15, 2022 to prevent losing your current course progress. Full course completion includes passing the proctored final exam.

If you’re unable to complete the course before the official phase-out, any current progress in the course will be lost and re-enrollment into the updated version will be necessary. This is a result of curriculum changes which cannot be matched course to course.

If your original course expiration date falls after Dec. 15, 2022, we will provide a courtesy re-enrollment at no cost to you.

At any time prior to Dec. 15, 2022, you can enroll in the updated version of the course. As a reminder, your current course progress will not be carried over.

To request a course extension: The deadline to extend your current course is Oct. 10, 2022. Extensions that move your course expiration past Dec. 15 are not available. 

While course updates are necessary, we understand the inconvenience and are here to assist you in satisfying your pre-licensing course requirements. For questions about your current course or re-enrollment, contact our customer service department:

(866) 739-7277 

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