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New York Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

The Fastest, Easiest Continuing Education in New York

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  Course Name Credit Hours Regular Price Best Buy*
Mandatory Course - Select the 3 hour course below to fulfill your Fair Housing requirement
Fair Housing in New York 3 $30.00 $17.00
Elective Courses - Select the 4.5 hour course + 5 additional 3 hour courses below to fulfill your Elective requirement
A Property Manager's War Chest of Tools for Conflict Resolution 3 $30.00 $17.00
Commercial Brokerage Specializations - 4.5hrs CB 4.5 $45.00 $26.00
Commercial Property Analysis - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Danger in Plain Sight: Understanding Lead Paint for Property Managers - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Environmental Issues in Real Estate - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Ethics Training for Today's Real Estate Agent - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
How to Work with Real Estate Investors - Part 1 - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Property Management - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Residential Finance - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Risky Business - Risk Mgmt Techniques - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Short Sales and Foreclosures - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Simple Questions, Big Consequences: How to Avoid Fair Housing Violations as a Property Manager - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
The Ins and Outs of Property Management - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
The Power of Exchange: Discover the Value of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00
Working With Seniors - 3hrs CB 3 $30.00 $17.00


Your Total Price: $0

Continuing Education Requirements:
Total Number of CE hours: 22.5
Core Hours: 3 hours Fair Housing
Elective Hours: 19.5
Renewal Cycle: Every 2 years by the anniversary date of the license

Seat Time: NY Law requires that students taking an online distance education course spend a required amount of time in each course. Our system tracks the time you are actively engaged in your course and notifies you how much time is left to fulfill the requirement. Your course is not considered complete and you will not be issued a completion certificate until you have satisfied the time requirement for each course.

Completion Certificates: Before a completion certificate will be issued for your course completion, you are required by law to provide a signed and dated affidavit stating that you completed your course without assistance.

You may print a copy of the affidavit from your course and return it to the school either by fax or email. A separate affidavit is required for each course you complete. You can fax the affidavit to 314.205.1613, Attn: Grades OR email the scanned signed and dated affidavit to using "NY CE Affidavit & [Your Name]" as the subject. Once the affidavit has been received, your completion certificate will be activated.

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