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Consider Career Opportunities In Real Estate

Real Estate Express 2011-03-15

In today’s economic climate, many people find themselves searching for a career that can provide some security. Many employers all across the country have been cutting back on staff and/or pay, leaving many people underemployed, or unemployed altogether. There are a growing number of…

Getting Your Pennsylvania Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2011-03-11

Unemployment levels remain high all across Pennsylvania, and there are many people looking for a career opportunity that offers some security. One option is to pursue a higher education degree in the hope of landing a job in a career that will offer them…

Why you should get a real estate license

3 Reasons Why You Should Get A Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2011-03-07

The current economic conditions have unemployment levels higher than they have been in many years. Many people are still unemployed and unable to find work. One field that continues to offer many career opportunities is real estate. The increasing interest both at home in…

Getting A Texas Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2011-03-01

Many Texans are searching for a career that can provide them with some security and stability in the current economic climate. More people than ever have found themselves out of work and in need of a career that can support their families through the…

Great News for Nevada Real Estate Brokers

Real Estate Express 2010-07-18

If you are a broker with a Nevada real estate license in need of renewal in July or August, you can take advantage of a new online feature. The Nevada Office of Business and Industry announced early this week that Nevada real estate brokers…

Florida Real Estate Continuing Education is Online!

Real Estate Express 2010-03-24

As hard as you worked to get your Florida real estate license, the process of maintaining that real estate license requires that continuing education classes be completed on a regular basis in order to keep your license active. Fitting these courses into the busy…

How to Get Your Colorado Real Estate License

How to Get Your Colorado Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2010-03-08

With high unemployment rates topping the headlines nationwide, many individuals are looking for a career change that will provide them with a secure income in any economic climate. Earning a Colorado real estate broker license can be exactly what you need to launch a…

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