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Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents 

Real Estate Express 2015-02-23

Since real estate agents are often self-employed, there are many business expenses that can be considered for tax deductions. According to the IRS, real estate agents can deduct any business expense that is both ordinary and necessary to make a profit. Are you in…

Career opportunities in Texas real estate

Career Opportunities In Texas Real Estate

Real Estate Express 2011-04-25

While the majority of the nation is dealing with the struggling economy, the Texas economy continues to outperform much of the country. The unemployment rate in Texas is slightly below the national average at 8.3%. The population in the state has grown more than…

Real Estate Career Facts

Real Estate Career Facts

Real Estate Express 2010-01-07

With the nation’s unemployment rates at an all time high, there is a career that has long been creating wealth for many people around the world. Even in the wake of the housing crisis, a real estate career has more to offer than most…

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