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How to Navigate Tricky Property Showings

How to Navigate Tricky Property Showings

Real Estate Express 2016-08-09

If there is one thing that’s for certain in real estate, it’s that you should always plan for the unexpected—especially when it comes to property showings. Unpleasant surprises abound when it comes to entering another person’s home turf. But as a real estate professional,…

Best TED Talks for New Real Estate Agents

Best TED Talks for New Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Express 2016-08-02

You’ve crammed, passed the real estate exam, and earned your real estate license—and that just might be the easy part. Being a real estate agent takes confidence, thick skin and resiliency. The following are five of the best TED Talks for new real estate…

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Understanding Homeowners Associations

Real Estate Express 2016-05-17

The function of a homeowners association (HOA) is to protect and enhance the common areas of that association. Homeowners associations can consist of anything from 10 to 3,000 homes, which could be single-family, townhomes, condos, or a mix. The HOA might be responsible for…

SEO Tips for New Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Express 2016-03-10

When people are thinking about buying a house, 44% first look for properties online. Only 16% contact a real estate agent to begin their search. Furthermore, 87% of buyers find online websites to be the most useful source of information on properties, according to…

6 Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

6 Traits of a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Express 2015-10-15

They say it takes money to make money, but actually it takes much more than that. There are certain traits that most successful business people seem to have. As a real estate agent, you are your own small business. Because of that, many of…

5 ways to earn more as a real estate agent

Top 5 Ways to Earn More as a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Express 2015-05-19

With TV shows like Million Dollar Listing skewing the public’s perceptions of agents’ earnings, there may be some disconnect between what people think an agent makes and what they actually take home when it’s all said and done. According to the National Association of…

6 ways for real estate agents to gain knowledge

6 Ways for Real Estate Agents to Gain Knowledge

Real Estate Express 2014-09-15

Knowledge sells homes. Your success in real estate depends on your desire to learn how to sell homes quickly, and at top dollar. Building an arsenal of real estate information—on a local and national level—can be key to making or breaking your top-selling agent…

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