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Real Estate School: Online vs Classroom

Real Estate Express 2017-10-19

If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in real estate, you’ll need to take numerous hours of real estate education from an accredited real estate school and pass a state licensing exam before you can start selling homes. The required number of hours and…

Is Online Education Right for Everyone?

Real Estate Express 2014-02-14

Now that the internet has effectively replaced the card catalog, phone book and encyclopedia, will the classroom be the next to succumb? Not likely. While more and more students are finding success with the flexibility of online learning, not every student is a good…

Getting A Texas Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2011-03-01

Many Texans are searching for a career that can provide them with some security and stability in the current economic climate. More people than ever have found themselves out of work and in need of a career that can support their families through the…

Getting Started in Real Estate

Real Estate Express 2010-11-07

One industry that is anticipating growth in career opportunities in the coming years is real estate. Careers with a real estate license are among those with optimistic outlooks over the course of the next five to ten years. When you consider that you can…

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