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Autumn in Manchester, New Hampshire

3 Unexpected Hot Markets for Real Estate in the U.S.

Real Estate Express 2022-09-05

The ever-changing housing market brought us many surprises, but the demand for homes in “unexpected” places is recently popping up across the country. Homebuyers are no longer interested in properties from hot markets in California or Florida. Instead, they’re looking at Indiana, New Hampshire,…

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A Hot Housing Market Doesn’t Mean It’s a Bubble

Real Estate Express 2022-07-25

There’s no doubt that today’s housing market is competitive. People are buying up homes quickly, and sellers are raising prices. This put a lot of pressure on buyers in 2021 in particular, as many would-be homeowners experienced bidding wars and rejected offers. The last…

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Songs to Play at Your Next Open House

Real Estate Express 2022-07-11

It’s no surprise that music makes a significant impact on our moods. Specific songs can excite fans before a big sporting event, relax people in stressful situations, or inspire people to dance, create — or even buy a home. In fact, in 2015, Australian…

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