10 Texas Real Estate Jobs and Their Salaries

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Today more than 5 million people are working in various parts of the real estate industry in the United States. Real estate has many wide-ranging careers associated with it, both directly and indirectly. Many real estate jobs require licensing—such as a real estate license—continuing education, or other certifications or degrees. Below we outline some of the different types of real estate jobs available today, as well as the typical real estate salary or income associated with each.

Types of real estate careers available

Real estate careers can be associated with the financial side of the industry by way of a mortgage brokerage, loan processing, underwriting, credit analysis, foreclosure management, loan funding, and investment. There are also many essential and high-paying jobs available on the title insurance, appraisal, escrow, property management, and legal sides of the business, in addition to residential and commercial brokerage sales.

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10 real estate jobs and their salaries

Let’s take a look at the salary or income opportunity for 10 different real estate jobs available in Texas. In this context, the term “salary” might also include commissions and bonuses. The usual range, unless otherwise noted, includes salaries from the 25th to 75th percentiles. Data is accurate as of February 11, 2020:

  1. Appraiser (residential): The median annual salary in Texas is $53,237 with a salary range usually between $43,870 and $61,517.
  2. Appraiser (commercial): The median annual salary for an appraiser who works in the commercial sector in Texas is $99,410 with a range usually between $85,505 and $114,039.
  3. Commercial leasing manager: The median annual salary in Texas is $111,315 with a range usually between $83,938 and $155,007.
  4. Commercial real estate broker: The average annual salary in Texas is $59,959. Annual incomes in this field can vary dramatically, going as high as several million dollars per year, depending on the annual closings. Typical pay usually falls between $50,518 and $74,715.
  5. Commercial real estate loan officer: The median annual salary nationally for an entry-level loan officer is $78,470 with a salary range between $67,840 and $90,490. A senior loan officer’s median salary is $101,700.
  6. Community development manager: The median annual salary range is $116,655 with a range typically between $100,666 and $134,768.
  7. Compliance specialist: The median annual salary for an entry-level compliance specialist in Texas is $58,321 with the standard range between $52,050 and $66,501.
  8. Property manager: The median annual salary is $96,846; the standard range is $84,073 to $111,418.
  9. Real estate sales agent: The average annual income for a real estate agent in Texas is $41,359. However, salaries tend to go up dramatically with years of experience, number of hours worked per week, and designation with top earners making well over the $130,000 mark.
  10. Real estate managing broker: The median income is reported as $146,696 each year, with the standard range between $128,564 and $162,668.

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*Sources include salary.com, payscale.com, monster.com, and the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).

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