Real Estate Job Satisfaction Ranks High Among Agents

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Real estate agents agree: The grass really is greener on their side. When surveyed about real estate job satisfaction, real estate professionals are among the most satisfied people in their careers.

According to a survey by CareerBliss that asked more than 65,000 people to answer questions about their job, a real estate career is one of the top three professions for workplace happiness in the United States.

Real estate job satisfaction areas surveyed

Just why are real estate agents happier with their careers than most other people? The study asked about 10 different job factors:

  • Relationship with your boss and coworkers
  • Work environment
  • Resources
  • Compensation
  • Company culture
  • Work environment
  • Growth opportunities
  • Company reputation
  • Daily tasks
  • Control over your own job

Within these areas of the survey, real estate professionals consistently reported that they liked their bosses and that they were able to take control of their own tasks.

“Real estate agents can work as hard as they want to,” said longtime agent Marcel Tessier. “You are your own boss.” This also ranked as one of the top seven reasons people choose real estate careers.

Happy workplaces share certain traits that add to real estate job satisfaction

Another ranking, this time by TINYpulse—a company that creates and administers surveys to measure workplace culture and morale—puts real estate as the second happiest industry of them all. This time the survey included 60,000 people.

They compiled a list of the traits happy workplaces share. Near the top of the list, again, is the ability for employees to work autonomously.

“Happy companies trust their employees to do their jobs,” TINYpulse wrote in their blog. “To this end, they regularly let employees do their work independently. From time to time, individual projects may require a more hands-on managerial approach. But for the most part, employees at the happiest workplaces are autonomous.”

Another important factor for workplace happiness, according to the research TINYpulse presented, is that the work is interesting and meaningful. This is also an area where real estate leads the pack: Most agents find it incredibly rewarding to be part of the biggest moments in their clients’ lives.

“You are helping someone achieve their dream,” said Tessier. “Some people love it is because you’re finding someone their dream home. They’ll be there for years.”

TINYpulse also indicated that a factor critical to workplace happiness was the possibility for future career growth and development.

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“Professional development is a top priority for many of today’s workers,” said TINYpulse. “Yet only 25 percent of employees believe their organizations offer enough opportunities for growth, according to our Engagement Report. The happiest workplaces make professional development a top priority. They have mentorship and training programs, and they also encourage their workers to attend relevant conferences, trade shows, and seminars.”

In real estate, there are endless opportunities to be a lifelong learner and continue your professional development. Services such as McKissock offer career development programs and a robust blog to keep you learning!

When it comes to being happy in your career, real estate agents are doing all the right things to build cultures of happiness that propel professionals into personal and business success.

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