Spotlight on Success: The Power of Investing In Yourself

Sherri Johnson – Leading Real Estate Coach

One of the keys areas where successful real estate agents excel is investing in themselves—and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who understands this more than top real estate coach for over 20 years, Sherri Johnson. 

Sherri attributes her success as a real estate agent and coach to her constant thirst for knowledge, recommending both new real estate agents and those who have been in the business for years to do the same. Here, Sherri shares some top ways to invest in yourself. 

#1: Keep up with the latest news and trends

One of the simplest ways to invest in your education and professional development is reading and keeping up with the latest industry news and trends. “The first thing I would say to invest in yourself is to increase your knowledge by reading and being informed,” says Johnson. For Sherri, this is the key to staying relevant and on top of the competition. 

#2: Attend conferences and tradeshows

Sherri recommends attending conferences and trade shows. Not only is this a great way to network with other agents and brokers across the country, but it is a fantastic way to “soak up every single thing I could learn from people who were successful.” She suggests real estate agents find someone they want to emulate, someone who has achieved what they want to achieve. This helps the road to success look more attainable and assures people that that level of success can be achieved. 

#3: Hire a real estate coach

Sherri explains that the best way to invest in yourself is to hire a coach. Just like the top athletes in the world have coaches to guide them and provide accountability, real estate agents of all levels of experience should have coaches as well. “Investing in coaching is going to help achieve your goals a lot quicker with less headache, less expense, and a more streamlined roadmap to success,” says Johnson.

Whether you want to increase your yearly income or feel like you have hit a plateau, the right coach or program can be a game-changer in people’s professional and personal lives. It’s for this reason that Sherri started her coaching business. While Sherri still has an active license and continues to sell houses regularly, seeing the positive impact that her coaching has had on thousands of lives is what motivates her to get up every morning. 

Bonus Tip: Sherri’s 90-Day Bootcamp

Sherri explains that most real estate agents know what they need to do to achieve results, they just don’t know how to go about doing it. That’s where Sherri’s coaching comes in. “Our goal is to take motivated agents and bring out the best in them and help get them accelerated results using our strategies,” says Johnson.

These strategies are outlined in her 90-Day Bootcamp with Real Estate Express. “Most agents are only speaking to the four to six people who want to buy or sell a home in the next 30 days. Our Bootcamp expands that and builds a pipeline of leads which can help agents predict how much they want to make in a given year.” Whether you are a newly-licensed agent or a seasoned pro, this boot camp has something for you. As Sherri explains, “there’s always something new you can learn.” 

For more information about Sherri’s 90-Day Bootcamp, visit or visit to set up a free one-hour strategy consultation.

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