‘Tis the Season for Continuing Education!

Winter is unavoidably the real estate doldrums. Everything, from the school calendar, holidays, family visits, freezing temperatures, and icy conditions, just makes the prospect of buying or selling a home and moving
increasingly unappealing.

Naturally, there is always some business: there are people who don’t have the luxury of waiting, who want to take advantage of a current opportunity, and others who brave the cold, but for the most part, winter is the slow season, and RE professionals are likely to have a lot more free time on their hands.

Time for a nice long vacation… or NOT.

Winter is the BEST time for Real Estate Education. Whether you are considering obtaining additional licenses, like becoming a Broker or Appraiser, have your bi-annual or post-licensure continuing education requirement to complete, or are just breaking into the business and want to be ready to start this spring, there is no better time to get in school than now.

An online Real Estate School is the most convenient, efficient, and cost effective way to achieve your personal real estate education goals.

The classes are flexibly designed to work with any time constraints and work around any scheduling issues. So whatever else you have going on, your classes are always ready and waiting: day or night, a few hours here and there or full-time hours, or even a massive marathon session.

Online schools save time, travel, gas, paper, and more. There is no wait, no excess materials cost, no commute, and no one telling you when where and how to do school. You can log on relaxing in bed, or while making miles on the treadmill, waiting at the doctor’s office, or playing study materials and lectures on audio instead of music in the home, car, or anywhere. Your class is on the go and on your devices, wherever you have internet access.

The winter downtime can be your GO TIME! Start today and make the slow season your time to build, grow, learn, and achieve, with online real estate education.

Want to find out if you have what it takes to be a Real Estate Agent or Broker?

About Tom DavidsonTom Davidson is Vice President of Express Schools, LLC. which operates online education providers Real Estate Express, Insurance License Express and License Tutor. Follow him on Twitter.

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