How to Gain a Competitive Edge as a Real Estate Agent

What makes you stand out from other real estate agents? If you cannot formulate an answer to that question in under 5 seconds, your potential clients will not be able to answer it at all. In order to bring business to your door, you have to differentiate yourself from your competition.

1. Check out the competition. Go on competing agents’ websites and poke around. You may want to even fill out one of their information forms to see how they respond. Don’t spend your time trying to mimic what every other agent has, just pull the ideas you feel best fit your market niche then implement them on your site.

2. What services do you offer? More and more on real estate boards you hear talk of ‘one-stop shopping” for homebuyers and sellers. Check if your parent company has preferred partners your clients can use. At the very least do you have mortgage brokers, inspectors, movers, house cleaners and landscapers to whom you can confidently refer? Mention these services on your website under an “Additional Services” or “Moving A – Z tab” on your website.

3. Take a good, hard look at your signage. Most real estate signs are pretty basic – name, number and some sort of graphic. Drive around a few subdivisions to see what the norm is. Is there a small change you can make in shape or arrangement to make your sign stand out from the norm?

4. Add video. Add video to your website, to your listings, to anything you can. Even if you are not a pro, the newer smart phones have decent recording features that are easy to export. Link a walking tour of a neighborhood or a house to the listing. When homebuyers are looking through potentially hundreds of listings, a video will make you and your properties stand out from the rest.

5. Flaunt your expertise. Make sure your marketing materials show where you excel in a manner a potential buyer/seller understands. Don’t have an expertise yet? Check out the Specialization Designations on

Catching two new clients’ eyes a month can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Make sure you are presenting yourself not as a real estate agent, but THE real estate agent.

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