How to Draft a Broker Listing Agreement

broker listing agreement

A broker registering agreement is a binding agreement among a seller as well as a real estate broker. This contract certifies that the broker has a lawful right to advertise, list, and broker for the trade of the property.

These contracts are standard when it comes to the real estate world so it’s important to have proper knowledge of the terms.

1. Commission

The commission is the fraction of the income you will pay your broker once the deal is finished. The ordinary broker stresses among 6 percent of the profits. However, this is not a hard and fast rule. Brokers are allowed to make their directive rates, so it is important that you understand the rates before signing the contract. Also, if you are a purchaser’s agent, you must use a buyer broker agreement where the prices must be adequately mentioned while drafting the agreement.

2. Responsibilities

This section of the contract is vital as it will give all the obligations and duties of the broker. This segment is not protected, and there are fewer requirements you could create of your broker, like generating a list sheet or putting your property on the multiple listing service.

3. Right to Sale

This gives the broker the authority to sell the property for a specific period of time. In this case, the buyer or seller could not use the faculties of a different broker. However, additional preparations can, at times, be completed if both parties agree.

4. Protection Clause

The protection clause guards the broker against a buyer or seller’s challenge to evade paying a commission after the contract’s ending date. If the buyer or seller wants to change brokers, make sure it is included in the original agreement to avoid paying multiple commissions. 

5. Representations

Many agreements require sellers to provide evidence of property ownership before holding a broker’s services. Such facts contain if you can or cannot lawfully sell your property. It even confirms that the seller is the sole owner of the property, which would assure that the transaction is irreversible as well as legal. 

6. Dispute Resolution Terms

The dispute resolution terms is essential for any broker listing contract. This section will describe the phases for determining a legal dispute between the broker and the client. Of course, it is hoped that a dispute will not occur, but in the case that it does, it is vital to know this section systematically.

7. Calculation of fees

Commission is calculated as a proportion fixed sum or the selling price.

8. Signature Blocks

Both the broker, as well as the seller, must sign and date the agreement. If there are numerous sellers, every seller must also sign the agreement.

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