Tip of the Month: How to Double Your Real Estate Income

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Want expert advice on how to double your real estate income? National real estate coach Sherri Johnson advises that, if you want to do more business than you did last year, you have to go on more face-to-face appointments. Watch the video below for Sherri’s insights on how to double your appointments to double your income.

Key takeaways

Don’t have time to watch the full Tip of the Month video? Here’s a quick summary of the key points.

#1: Double your appointments

By doubling the amount of real estate appointments you go on, you will generate more activity. This, in turn, will double the amount of listings you bring in every month, as well as the number of sales you bring in every month.

“The only way that I know that we can make money in this business is if we are actually writing an offer or writing a listing contract. So you have to fill your schedule with as many appointments as possible.” – Sherri Johnson

#2: Build your pipeline

If you’re going to be able to double your appointments, you have to build a pipeline of leads. For helpful insights on how to grow your pipeline, check out our article, Trick of the Trade: Lead Generation Tips for Real Estate Agents.

“Build your pipeline, get in front of more people, and you will have more appointments that you can go on.” – Sherri Johnson

#3: Get in front of more people

The general idea is that, if you want to double your real estate income, you have to get out there and get in front of more people. Face-to-face meetings are essential for landing new listings and bringing in real estate sales. So get out there, get on the phone, and make those face-to-face meetings happen.

“Getting on the phone, making it happen, and getting yourself twice as many appointments will naturally double the amount of business you do and double the amount of income you make.” – Sherri Johnson

Want more of Sherri Johnson’s expert tips for real estate agents? Check out her 90-Day Bootcamp, or set up a free one-hour strategy consultation.

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