HELP! My Neighbor’s Dog Is Driving Me Crazy!


The day you first saw the house from the curb it was your home.

The neighbor waved hello as you approached the front door with your real estate agent. The adorable little dog was jumping and barking excitedly, as if the dog was as excited about the possibilities that lay ahead in your new home as you were.

The following week when your offer was accepted, again your furry friend from next door was there to share in your excitement. The day that you moved in to your dream home, there he was again, somehow a little less adorable that he had seemed on that first day. Now months have passed and the relentless barking and almost superhero ability to sneak into the yard to tear up flowerbeds and leave little “gifts” scattered about the yard have you screaming HELP! My neighbor’s dog is driving me crazy!

For those who wish to attempt to find a solution without having to involve your neighbor or their dog, never underestimate the power of white noise. Simply having some music or a sound machine on can block out a significant amount of nuisance noise from outside the house. There is always a chance that you could drown out the incessant yapping without ever needing to confront anyone, but if it does not, you may have to take further action.

  1. Your first course of action would be naturally to talk to your neighbor. After all, he had waved hello on that first visit, he is bound to understand where you are coming from. So, in the spirit of good neighbor relations you pay a visit to your neighbor with some gentle suggestions to help calm their puppy’s barking habit. Perhaps a few treat filled dog toys to help a bored dog pass the time, or some uncomplicated behavior correction techniques. Sonic dog repellants are another option. The reviews on them can be mixed, but many people swear that they work. If it is a really severe problem, you could suggest a bark collar; you could even spring for the cost of one.
  2. However, all of the polite niceties seem to go out the window at the mere mention of the possibility that this man’s best friend is anything less than perfectly well mannered. This approach could lead to your neighbor driving you crazy instead of just their dog, so if your neighbor is not open to the conversation, you may be left with no choice but to escalate your efforts.
  3. If none of these solutions does the trick, then you may be forced to contact the local animal control office to determine what the laws are in your area regarding nuisance barking. Find out exactly what the process is to resolve the issue and follow it to the letter. Whatever solution works in your situation; do not let your neighbor’s dog drive you out of a house that you love.

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