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Lie To Me – Identifying the Truth in Real Estate News

Real Estate Express 2009-02-01

We're looking for the "tells" that can be identified in economic reports, housing news and all that information that's offered up to us just about every day. How does the economy behave when it's telling a lie? Does it dip it's shoulder and slouch…

Fasten Your Seatbelts. Real Estate Has Turned the Corner!

Real Estate Express 2009-01-27

The New York-based Conference Board issued its monthly forecast of economic activity yesterday, and the data held some extremely positive signs relative to the “sentiment” about the future.Now I know that consumer sentiment can be nebulous and intangible, but the reality is that this…

Recovery on the Horizon?

Real Estate Express 2009-01-16

That things are tough everywhere is not lost on anyone who watches Bloomberg, MSNBC, or a financial news channel. Everyday during this horrendous “earnings season” we hear of Fortune 500 and Dow company pillars reporting reductions in revenues and profits by 20%, 30% and…

Count Your Blessings. It’s a lot Worse Elsewhere.

Real Estate Express 2009-01-12

As real estate professionals based in the USA, we certainly have our fair share of challenges today. But we also can be thankful, despite the mortgage crisis and worldwide economic downturn, that we practice our trade here – where downpayments are still 20% or…

Market Forces Forecast a Turnaround on the Horizon

Real Estate Express 2009-01-02

It’s beginning to look like our dark days in real estate are over. All the natural market forces permeating the housing market today are setting us all up for nice rebound in 2009. And once the buying begins again, watch out. It’s going to…

Has the Real Estate Market Turned?

Real Estate Express 2008-11-21

You know, one day we are all going to wake up and say, “I’ll be darned, the real estate market has turned the corner!” Call me crazy, but I think that day will come sooner than you think Consider this – The National Association of…

Mickey Mouse’s Hometown Leads the Recovery Boom

Real Estate Express 2008-11-19

This morning while researching the latest housing market news, I migrated to the L.A. Times Business Section – a good barometer in my opinion for what’s on the horizon for the rest of our nation. The headline I encountered made no sense to me.…

Warren Buffett is Bullish on Real Estate Brokerages?

Real Estate Express 2008-11-17

Remember a few weeks ago when Warren Buffett announced that he was buying stocks again, that the bargains were just too good to pass up?   Would it surprise you to know that even though not well-publicized, Mr. Buffett apparently thinks the same about owning…

Real Estate Rebounding on Coasts?

Real Estate Express 2008-11-08

I was just in South Florida on business two weeks ago and I happened to meet some real estate salespeople who were almost too busy to talk to me. My impression was at least in this market, properties are moving again. Then I just…

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