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Steady Growth Expected in Real Estate 2010

Real Estate Express 2010-05-08

In spite of all of the negative predictions being made about the real estate market in 2010 and beyond, all signs are pointing to recovery. When you look at all of the economic indicators, slow but strong growth in expected to continue. If you…

Colorado Market Turn-around in 2010

Real Estate Express 2010-04-07

The real estate market is beginning to make slow and steady improvement in many states across the country. There are some states that are starting their recovery by stabilizing and others that are seeing a small percentage of their housing market recovering. Still other…

Now Good News in Real Estate is Too Easy to Find

Real Estate Express 2009-05-12

Last year we decided to make the focus of our blog “Good News in Real Estate” because positive news had become so hard to come by.  Every day was FULL of daunting reports about the housing market and the economy.  Finding anything hopeful was…

Look Out Above and Below! Things Are Rising and Falling!

Real Estate Express 2009-03-23

Things that are rising… The National Association of Realtors says February existing home sales rose 5.1% over January (The largest sales jump since July 2003) February’s median home sale price rose a bit from January (which showed the lowest median price since September 2002)…

Rejoice! Homebuilder Stocks are in Demand Again

Real Estate Express 2009-02-23

Would you believe that professional fund managers are seeing a turnaround in the home building industry in the very near future, (I’m talking about only a few months, not years) and are buying up homebuilder stocks like the bottom has already been reached? OK,…

Loosen Up, Baby! It’s Not All That Bad.

Real Estate Express 2009-02-17

I worked in the manufacturing side of the housing industry in the 1980’s in Los Angeles, and I had a number of reps working for me. Jim Kimble was my best – a typical Southern Californian who had gone broke at least once before…

Real Estate Agents in Florida are Getting Happy

Real Estate Express 2009-02-09

It’s been a tough couple years for real estate professionals in Florida.  Very tough.  Like California, Florida has taken some of the biggest hits in home values and home sales.  But recently, agents and brokers are reporting that things are looking much better.  Not…

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