Home Design Trends for 2017, Mortgage Rates, Selling Homes in Winter, and Vertical Neighborhoods

home trends in 2017
With 2017 just over the horizon, we’ve pulled together some year-end real estate news you can use to make the new year a successful one. From the top home design trends in 2017 to lowering mortgage rates, and from making your listings attractive during the winter months to the new trend of vertical neighborhoods, we’ve pulled together some of the most informative articles from across the Internet. Happy New Year to all!

The top 20 home design trends of 2017

Every year brings with it a new set of trends, and home design is no exception. Inman reports that “next year’s home trends call for lush colors, plush textures and modernistic takes on traditional designs that make the perfect environment to create a ‘new you.’ (Or for staging a buyer’s new home!)”

Rising mortgage rates making you nervous? Here’s how to lower rates

Mortgage rates took a big leap after the presidential election and are continuing to move higher. Demand for homes is strong, but home prices are hitting new highs and affordability is weakening. Are your buyers aware of how they can buy down their rate by paying points? CNBC describes what some buyers are doing to keep those monthly payments lower.

9 tips for selling a home in winter

The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean winter home sales can’t be delightful. Take advantage of fewer homes on the market be upping the cozy factor of your listings. Realty Times has nine tips for making homes warm and welcoming—even in the dead of winter.

Why this vertical neighborhood is leading the trend

As more and more millennials adopt the urban lifestyle, some cities are exhibiting a new approach to the modern skyscraper. It’s called the “vertical neighborhood,” meaning a mixed-use property trend.  And one 862,000-square-foot example that cannot be ignored just hit the market in Philadelphia.


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