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How to Get Real Estate Clients

How to Get Real Estate Clients

Real Estate Express 2017-02-21

As a newly licensed real estate agent, the most important thing you need to figure out is how to get real estate clients. To help you out, we have a few ideas for building your online and offline spheres of influence.   Building your…

Sources for Mining Real Estate Leads

Sources for Mining Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Express 2016-07-12

What does your real estate marketing strategy look like? If you are an agent engaged in passive marketing campaigns, placing your picture on bus stop benches, or buying leads, rethink this strategy. Qualified real estate leads don’t come from buying lists or sending out…

Guide to Personal Real Estate Branding

Guide to Personal Real Estate Branding

Real Estate Express 2016-01-14

Personal real estate branding is the process of developing your own individual brand and fostering local brand recognition. If you think about the products and services you use regularly, you probably get a quick glimpse of their logo or brand in your mind. As…

Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate Express 2015-02-04

Real estate is a people’s business, built on relationships and customer service. But how do you nurture relationships with customers? And more importantly, how do you get in front of them in the first place? Here are some effective real estate marketing strategies to build…

How Top-Selling Real Estate Agents Use Social Media

Real Estate Express 2014-11-03

Face-to-face meetings with your clients are paramount for sharing information with them. But in this world of over-stretched schedules, how do you find new clients, promote your listings and at the same time grow your ROI? It’s time to expand your communication tools by…

Find your Niche with

Real Estate Express 2014-04-28 offers specialization designations to help our students find and master their preferred niche market. But don’t stop at just educating yourself. You must promote your specialty in a way your clients will understand. Many agents have strings of letters behind their names on…

What is your Website Saying about you?

Real Estate Express 2013-12-23

Your website is often the first interaction a client has with you. Follow these simple guidelines to make sure yours is conveying the right message. 1. Take a quick glance. Pull up your website and glance at it for 10 seconds then close the…

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