How to Keep Your Virginia Real Estate License Current

keep your virginia real estate licenseYou’ve obtained your Virginia real estate license and invested quite an effort into growing your career. As busy as you are, the renewal year may pass before you know it, especially in that first year. The good news is that there are online Virginia real estate continuing education courses available. Online real estate classes are a great tool for helping you keep your Virginia real estate license current. They allow you to complete your requirements from anywhere with an internet connection, and whenever it is convenient to your schedule.

Continuing education requirements needed to keep your Virginia real estate license current

In the state of Virginia, the required continuing education for the first year after getting your Virginia real estate license is 30 hours of post-licensing classes to maintain the active status of your license. You will need to choose between a residential or commercial track of coursework to know which courses are approved for the track you choose. Half of the necessary hours must be in required classes, and the other half can be in elective courses. If you should change your mind about what track you would like to pursue within your first year, you may request this change in writing prior to the course completion.

After the renewal in the first year, there are 16 hours of requisite continuing education that you will need to take each year thereafter. Half of the necessary hours can be in any real estate related courses, but the other eight hours are broken down into a few specific topics. Within these eight hours, there will be two hours required on Fair Housing practices and three hours on the topics of Standards of Conduct and Ethics. The final three hours will be one hour on each of the following: Real Estate Contract, Real Estate Agency, and Emerging Trends and Legal Updates.

How can your Virginia real estate license become inactive?

There are a couple of ways that your license can become inactive in Virginia. The first being voluntary surrender, if you choose not to work for a period of time. Your license will also be inactive should you not meet your continuing education requirements on time. If your Virginia real estate license expires without the appropriate continuing education and renewal requirements being met, you will not be able to practice real estate until the license in made valid once again. If your license becomes inactive for any reason, the annual continuing education classes required for license renewal are also the classes that will be needed in order to reactivate an inactive license.

The ability to complete these mandatory educational requirements in an online classroom setting has made keeping on top of the hours needed before your license expires more convenient than ever before. The approved courses that you need can be completed from anyplace with an internet connection 24-hours a day.

As hard as you worked to get your Virginia real estate license, you do not want anything to make your hard earned license inactive—like running out of time to complete the coursework you need to renew it. To keep your Virginia real estate license current, take your continuing education courses online at “America’s Favorite Real Estate School” and be ready for your renewal date.

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