How to get a Washington Real Estate License

rexWith the economic crisis still fresh on our minds, many people are looking to find a career that can offer them a little more security. You could go back to school and spend thousands of dollars to continue your education, but it could take years before you are able to get a job with your newly acquired degree. By that time you will already be several thousand dollars in debt with no guarantee at the end that you will be able to get a job in your field. Alternatively, you could consider a career in real estate, have a Washington real estate license in hand and be ready to earn your first commission in just a few weeks. is here to help you get your license quickly and painlessly.  We’ve been helping people start careers in real estate with 100% online licensing courses since 1996 and no one does it better.

The Washington Department of Licensing has fewer requirements than you might think in order to begin a prosperous career in real estate sales. The only personal requirement is that you must be at least 18 years of age. Educationally there are a few additional prerequisites to becoming a licensed real estate agent in Washington State.

You must complete 60 hours of coursework in real estate fundamentals in order to qualify to take the real estate examination in Washington. This course work will remain valid for the purposes of applying to take the real estate exam for up to five years. After a five year period if you have not taken the exam, you will be required to attend the pre-licensing educational courses again.

While you are attending your courses, the real estate educator that you have chosen should issue you a candidate handbook. This handbook will tell you everything that you need to know about the testing process such as what to expect and how to schedule your exam. All of the forms needed to apply to take the Washington State real estate exam will be included in the handbook as well. Once you submit the application you will be issued an exam date. Once you have passed the exam your license will be valid for a period of two years between renewals.

Washington real estate continuing education must be taken between renewal periods. The first renewal of your license will require 60 hours of continuing education. These hours are broken down into 30 hours of classes in real estate practices and the remaining 30 hours in courses approved by the real estate commission and must include a 3 hour core curriculum course. All subsequent license renewal periods will require only 30 hours of continuing education to keep your Washington real estate license active.

The Washington real estate market is beginning its rebound and the opportunities available to licensed professionals are going to be extraordinary. The tax incentives that have been expanded to include more potential home buyers have been extended through the first quarter of 2010. The low interest rates are expected to continue through most of next year. Home prices are at the lowest that they have been in decades. It’s these reasons that are bringing record numbers of would-be home owners out to find their dream home. This renewed interest in home ownership is creating career opportunities like never before. Within a month you could have your real estate license and be ready to earn commissions that you never dreamed would be possible; start 2010 with a successful new real estate career.

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